Mar 182014

I read a remarkable opinion piece several months ago that has since had me thinking every day about relationships between human beings and animals. I encourage you to read it at the link in the previous sentence. (Be warned that it will likely make you uncomfortable.) Regular readers may remember the first or second time […]

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Mar 012014

We played our last Upward basketball games of the season today. We have an awards ceremony on Monday and Aaron’s team party next weekend, and then 2013-14 Upward will be in the books. Basketball is only part of the point in Upward. It’s also about learning sportsmanship and character in a nurturing, Christ-centered environment. Kids […]

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Nov 082013

I don’t remember how we got so tickled, but I remember very well this being the most glorious laughter I ever heard. I wish I had it recorded, but absent that, I’m thankful I can access the memory with such fidelity. Nathan is 4; Aaron is 19 months. (Wow, it feels like they’re little for […]

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Aug 122013

Tomorrow I will begin a weekly post series called On Marriage.  It will run for each of the next ten Tuesdays. What qualifies me to talk about marriage?  Well, for one thing, mine is 16 years old as I type and still a happy one, and I think I understand a lot of the […]

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