Nov 262014

For years and years, Black Friday was enough. Not too long ago, Thanksgiving night stuck its nose under the tent. And tomorrow, several retailers will be open regular hours, or nearly so. We seem to be on the way to Thanksgiving Day being the first day of the Christmas shopping season.

And there is outrage.

We’re losing all of our most important heritage! What has become of traditional American values? Must this relentless commercialization invade even the day itself?

I sympathize. Thanksgiving is perhaps the most family-focused holiday we have, and there’s a strong case for the decay of the family driving many of our worst problems as a society. That decay doesn’t need a further nudge.

I don’t consider it the heinous affront that many seem to, however. It used to be axiomatic that one of the very most American values was minding one’s own business. We can certainly vote with our wallets, but that ought to be the extent of it. It’s not our concern when a merchant chooses to open. It’s not our concern whether said merchant’s employees choose to remain there.

If the merchant’s behavior is profitable, then so be it. Free market forces are practically demonized anymore, but this remains a relatively pure example of how well they work.

I haven’t been out on Black Friday in years, and I certainly won’t shop on Thanksgiving Day. You want to? Go for it.

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Nov 252014

It’s complete. I heard it on a radio commercial this morning.

I got a little cranky a couple of years ago over a TV commercial that came on during IndyCar races that used the phrase “kicking some ass,” but I don’t even mind that as much as saying something “sucks.” It’s just cruder than I think we ought to be as a matter of course in everyday conversation. (It doesn’t refer to sucking lemons, you know.)

The boys don’t understand how something they hear everywhere can be a word they’re not allowed to say. And this, as with linguistic bastardizations like “melty” and “ginormous,” has gotten here by brute force, which means it won’t be vanquished in my lifetime.

I shall remain locked in battle with it, however lonely that is.

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Nov 232014

It is very hard for me to believe that Bill Cosby is a serial sexual predator. It is also very hard for me to believe that so many women are fabricating stories of him assaulting them. (Opportunistic liars tend to come in onesies and twosies, not dozens.) There are the parts of the public record […]

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Nov 192014

Katherine Timpf shares at National Review that online dating service OKCupid lists 12 different sexual orientations, from which users can select as many as five. Simultaneously. There are also 22 options for gender. I get that sexuality is a continuum. I get that people can feel conflicted and trapped. I get that people are occasionally born with ambiguous […]

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