Nov 202017

You people are running me nuts with your incessant, antagonistic chatter.

That’s a reasonable sentiment for Iron Bowl week, but oh, no. As irrational and ridiculous as that gets, I’m talking about something that has managed to get even worse: Alabama’s special election to fill our junior Senate seat.

Apparently I’m supposed to smash my Keurig now? Or something? Ah, here’s a link. I had to look it up, because all I’d seen were oblique references and cryptic videos.

I’ve made my views clear. I don’t anticipate them changing. I will probably not vote.

I want us all to remember, though, that as vitriolic as this election is, it’s still not so different from any other political difference. I have many friends who will vote for Roy Moore. I have many friends who will vote for Doug Jones. I suspect I have many friends who will abstain.

This choice, whatever it is, makes exactly none of them a bad person. Yet I’m beginning to see insinuations (and really, flat-out assertions) to the contrary—and frequently from some of the same principals that often decry the terrible state of political discourse in this country. Folks, these are still our friends and neighbors, and they’re still going to be there December 13.

I think there are a lot of ways to be wrong in this election. It logically follows that I think a lot of you are. As far as what that means to me long-term, here is a comprehensive list of my friendships that I consider to be in jeopardy as a result of this election:

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Nov 152017

I was thinking on the drive home tonight about an old friend. (Well, maybe she’s “someone I used to know” now. We haven’t had any contact in 12 or so years.) She and her husband moved to Colorado a few years ago. I don’t know whether it was for a job, or for the excitement […]

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Nov 122017

I have never liked Roy Moore. Whatever common political ground I have with him has always been far overshadowed by his ignorance and boorish behavior. I was, nevertheless, prepared to vote for him in the December 12 special election. Chances are excellent that President Trump will nominate another Supreme Court justice, and despite my differences […]

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Nov 052017

UPDATED: Truck and trailer have been recovered because of a report from a social media posting! The new generator was the only outright theft. There is minor damage to the trailer, and significant damage to the interior of the pickup. Most importantly, no instruments were lost. That means no family hardships, which is a tremendous […]

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