Apr 302015

Today was the first full day it was public that Madison Square Mall had been sold. So how could I not visit?

The vacancy count—the last one I’ll undertake—is 70, up from 57 the last time I checked. It would have been much easier to count the occupied locations. That I specifically noticed, University Collectables, a used computer place, the massage chair place, the slot car track, and the shoe repair guy in the southwest corner are now gone. Mall stalwarts like f.y.e., FootLocker, and Bath & Body Works soldier on.

To lunch. Since my last visit, Sakkio has fallen, as has A Family Affair.


So there are now three functioning eateries in the food court: China King (what it sounds like), Cajun Express (a “Cajun” place serving egg rolls and fried rice), and Greek Gyros. The Greek place is actually pretty good, and the owner is a personable fellow.


There were exactly three other people eating lunch with me in the food court. There were another two young men whose agendas weren’t immediately apparent, but it wasn’t ridiculous to suppose they were less than honorable.

I had gyro smell on my fingers when I got done, but decided I wasn’t going to the restroom. It didn’t feel safe. The desolation is spectacularly surreal.


You could be held up at gunpoint in the middle of the mall and it’s likely no one would see it. If I were a woman, I would not go to Madison Square alone, even in the middle of the day.

With this post, I close my systematic exploration of Madison Square Mall’s decay. That chapter is over. Something new is afoot.

I hope that Madison Square Mall is redeveloped into something that still encourages me to visit.

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Apr 212015

So it seems like it wasn’t so long ago—like, a month or two—that Hillary was lying low. “Huddling with advisors,” “working on her message,” and considering “how to reintroduce herself” were common phrases.

My response, and that of many others, was along the lines of “this is a person who’s been in continuous national sight for more than two decades. Is there anyone who doesn’t know who she is?”

Happened to catch Rush on a day he was on plane about it. (My stated 1-in-4 chance of hearing any of his show on a given day is probably down to about 1-in-6.) His wry assessment was that exactly the opposite was occurring. Such a known quantity doesn’t vanish, then reemerge to reintroduce herself, but to reinvent herself.

In this case, the challenge is “gee, this crap’s been in the fridge for 24 years. How do we make it look and sound delicious and appetizing?”

Was it Servergate that forced her out earlier than about July, which was the original plan? Perhaps. We then got a hilariously stilted “talk to real people” debacle in which we were supposed to chuckle at her whimsically calling her vehicle a “Scooby van” (except the gag’s 15 years old; oops), and find her Chipotle order an issue of considerable magnitude.

Dudes and dolls, need I state the obvious?

You don’t say you’re working on your message. You don’t announce that you’re going to talk to real people.

You just go do it.

We’ve apparently regressed to the point that what Hillary says to the “real people” isn’t nearly as important as that she’s talking to the “real people” at all.

And millions don’t bat an eye.

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