Apr 132014

I had a busy weekend scheduled, but I’ve been home since late Friday morning.

The diagnosis is peroneal tendonitis, and I promise it hurts a lot more than it sounds like it does.

I was walking to my car Thursday evening when over the course of about ten steps, it became impossible for me to hold my left foot in any way but absolutely parallel to the ground. Any front-to-back shift of the sort that is customary when walking caused sharp and immediate pain.

bootFortunately I already had an appointment with my general practitioner on Friday morning. She referred me to an orthopedist, and I was home before noon with two called-in prescriptions, a home rehab plan, and a big boot.

I must have done most of the damage hiking at Camp McDowell, but I never had any pain from that apart from usual soreness. It was bizarre for it to decay so quickly more than 24 hours later.

I’m not happy, but Achilles tendon damage was the other candidate diagnosis and would have been a lot more serious, so I’m thankful it wasn’t that.

Still hurts, but not like it did.

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Apr 012014

The circus is in town. As I type, it starts tomorrow. I’m pretty sure it’s been 30 years since I’ve been. The most recent time I can definitely remember attending a circus was in Oxford, sometime after my parents divorced but before Mom and Jenny moved to Florida, which almost certainly puts it in 1983. [...]

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Mar 252014

I introduced this post series last week. And now I’m going to give you something of an extended introduction for Part I before I go to extended treatments of single topics in Part II next week. As I considered it last week, I became steadily less pleased with what I hadn’t said in my introduction. [...]

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