Nov 062015

(If your content-free post alert isn’t going off, I’d check the batteries.)

Really collapsing into Friday night. The week has been largely a chore. Facebook has been fun. Drama elsewhere, not so much.

I hope you have a good weekend.

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Nov 042015

I have a personal profile on Facebook again. It’s been more than two years since that was the case, and the page has been gone for almost a year.

Why return? It’s simple, really. When I left, I had significant privacy concerns with Facebook. I still do, but now, they’re just another head on the hydra.

And the hydra having the run of the place is the new normal.

In a world of OPM and BCBS breaches, and with the lines so blurry between faceless megacorps and faceless government bureaucrats, staying off Facebook is like having a 36-oz. porterhouse, but with a light beer because you’re watching your weight.

So, yeah. Back.

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Sep 142015

I just don’t have the right kind of energy to do this right now. I don’t know why, but I’m tired of stressing about it, and the stress is probably making it worse. So, I’m going to take another hiatus and try to think “what can I do here long-term?” instead of “hey, Bo, you […]

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Sep 012015

Don’t you love when people talk about their feelings, on and on? I haven’t been writing. Have you noticed? I certainly have. It’s the worst writer’s block I’ve had in the nearly nine years I’ve had Unlike my occasional sabbatical of several days, this is involuntary. Stress management has been a bugaboo of mine […]

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