Feb 042015

All is well, dear readers. Sorry I haven’t posted the first part of this week. My various responsibilities have occupied me to an unusually large degree for the past few days. A Thursday miscellanea post is in progress for tomorrow.

Thank you for reading BoWilliams.com.

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Jan 212015

You don’t have to read BoWilliams.com long to know that I’m a regular Rocket City Mom contributor. It’s a site of considerable quality, and I’m proud of my association.

I posted about Jennifer and Stephenie, the original Rocket City Moms, taking us contributors out to a marvelous and entertaining dinner just before Christmas. It was a nice thing they did, but it was also an event because they were both actually in the same room with me. They’re crazy busy, and that just doesn’t happen often. Stephenie is my editor so I try to see her in person every few months or so, and I never know it’s going to happen for sure until I see her walk in the door. You know those kinds of busy people?

steph6So after dinner, Jennifer and I were walking to our cars, talking about the site, mass media, and so forth. Stephenie caught up to us and joined the conversation. Then she said “look! This is Caleb’s new car.”

Jen and I looked at either quizzically. Steph was standing next to a six-year-old Toyota Corolla.

The car was in fine condition, but we’re talking about maybe a $7000 ride—nothing you’d be embarrassed to drive to work, but nothing you’d call specific attention to in the Westin parking lot either.

So…I guess we need to find a compliment?

“Oh, wait…” (Stephenie looked around.)

It seems we were looking for something of similar color, but newer, and German. She’d made a spatial error. Ah. Here it is. Yes, indeed. Quite sharp. And are you sure you’re OK to drive, Steph?

(She was.)

I’ve enjoyed remembering it so much and deemed it postworthy for two reasons. One is that it was the first funny little just-us-chickens moment I’ve ever had with Jennifer. The other is that Stephenie is so smart and so together so much of the time that there’s something comforting about that slight malfunction!

Warm wishes, Stephenie. And I’m sure you’ll get even!

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Dec 122014

I’m thinking of a post about the massive Sony Pictures data breach, The Interview, and just how deeply unfunny North Korea really is. I’m also thinking of one about Harvard professor Ben Edelman, his off-the-rails takedown of a Chinese restaurateur, the ensuing Internet shitstorm, his apology, and whether it’s reasonable and/or proper to speculate on […]

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