May 222015

Worked a little on my thoroughly slobbed out garage Monday night. More of that on deck for the weekend.

Sang karaoke Tuesday night. There is video of it, but no one has sent me any. I sang Del Shannon’s “Runaway,” which I’m told I did a good job with, but everyone was drinking, so you’ll have that. It was in the correct key, which helps.

Made meat loaf Wednesday night. Kinda winged it, but it worked out. Used the rest of my Heartbreaking Dawns 1542 chocolate habanero sauce on it.

Watched Wayward Pines last night, slightly delayed so I could zap the commercials. Lea watched the pilot with me, and alas, that’s it for her. “Too creepy.” Started losing her in earnest when Nurse Pam threatened Ethan with the syringe. I quite like it so far.

Going out to review a restaurant in a little while. Watch for it.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Apr 272015

Excepting my illustrious Usenet career, this is what my first sustained online presence looked like.


This is the Play page. I would like to show you the front page, but I may not have it anymore. It’s not anywhere easy to find, anyway.

I put that site up in 1999 and updated it a time or two a week until I started this blog in late 2006. Interesting that I can see common visual threads between what I like now and what I liked 16 years ago.

Some of it was a bit bloggish, but mostly it was photos and links. I wrote a thumbnail menu structure in HoTMetaL that I liked and stubbornly used it all the way out, even when numerous objectively better alternatives were available.

Still out there and live: My Top 100 Pop Songs of the 1980s.

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Apr 172015

…but only a little, at how much I’m looking forward to this weekend, and largely because it’s so free of commitments. Soccer game tomorrow if they don’t close the fields, and church Sunday. That’s it. Smells like the A-Day game tomorrow. Then, on Sunday, I’ll watch my F1 race before breakfast, and I’ll watch my […]

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Feb 042015

All is well, dear readers. Sorry I haven’t posted the first part of this week. My various responsibilities have occupied me to an unusually large degree for the past few days. A Thursday miscellanea post is in progress for tomorrow. Thank you for reading

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Jan 212015

You don’t have to read long to know that I’m a regular Rocket City Mom contributor. It’s a site of considerable quality, and I’m proud of my association. I posted about Jennifer and Stephenie, the original Rocket City Moms, taking us contributors out to a marvelous and entertaining dinner just before Christmas. It was […]

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