Dec 122014

I’m thinking of a post about the massive Sony Pictures data breach, The Interview, and just how deeply unfunny North Korea really is. I’m also thinking of one about Harvard professor Ben Edelman, his off-the-rails takedown of a Chinese restaurateur, the ensuing Internet shitstorm, his apology, and whether it’s reasonable and/or proper to speculate on its sincerity. There are a couple of urban explorer posts I’ve been thinking about and for which I had ample unrealized opportunity this week.

I didn’t write any of that.

I couldn’t be bothered to start my laundry tonight either.

Bad mode to be in. Hoping to shift gears this weekend.

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Sep 282014

I started a post last week that got much too long, and it occurred to me that it would make a good post series. Introducing Facts That Aren’t. Facts That Aren’t posts will examine assertions that “everyone” “knows,” that in fact have extremely limited or highly qualified truth values. Generally these “facts” are propagated by […]

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