Jul 142016

Thursday miscellanea posts have been a part of BoWilliams.com for most of its existence. I’ve had them for three reasons. First, they were good places to put little things I’d thought of or wanted to mention briefly, but that weren’t substantial enough to warrant full posts. Second, they were pretty easy and gave me a reliable mental break. And third, they eventually built a dedicated readership, presumably because they were easy to digest and apolitical. (Well, they have been for quite some time.)

As of mid-2016, the dedicated readership has pretty much evanesced. I have a few readers who tell me they like it, but for a while I had nontrivial traffic coming just for Thursday miscellanea, and I don’t see that anymore. Facebook gets most of my little things. And frankly, they’re not so easy to write anymore. They start stressing me about mid-morning Wednesday now.

I need to think carefully about whether they’ll continue.

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Apr 152016

Last night I wrote about a third of this post, more or less. This morning I picked it back up and said “hey, this is sounding familiar…”

My kids know most of my stories now too. When we’re out and about and something reminds me of a memory, they finish my thought about two-thirds of the time now.

This is the 2,970th post on BoWilliams.com. I wonder how many of my memories/anecdotes are left for me to share with my kids?

I’m only 45. Is this supposed to be happening yet?

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Feb 222016

It’s been hard to find time to post the way I want to. I apologize. I have the thoughts, but when I have the time, I don’t have the focus. It’s frustrating. So what might blossom into a full post sometime? We deserve Donald Trump, and the table couldn’t have been set more favorably for […]

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