Oct 122016

wingpagethumbGood news: you can now access all of the Huntsville-area hot wings reviews I’ve done at this page. There is a table you can sort by restaurant, wings name, quality, flavor, or heat, with hot links to each review.

There is also a new tab in the navigation area under the header, as well as a link on my master review page.

Finally, I’ve decided that ending the series feels rather arbitrary to me. There’s no real reason to. I’ll continue to do wings reviews from time to time, and add to the list as I do.

Thank you for your ongoing interest and feedback! This has been one of the more enjoyable things I’ve done at BoWilliams.com. If there are wings out there I need to review, please let me know.

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Aug 162016

The Village of Providence Car Show, benefiting Still Serving Veterans of Huntsville, is set for Sunday, October 9, from 1 pm to 5 pm. The show is free for spectators. If you want to show your car, you can register online for $15 per car, or the day of the show for $20.

BoWilliams.com is a cosponsor of this year’s show. Hope to see you there. It’s a lot of fun for a marvelous cause!


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Jul 142016

Thursday miscellanea posts have been a part of BoWilliams.com for most of its existence. I’ve had them for three reasons. First, they were good places to put little things I’d thought of or wanted to mention briefly, but that weren’t substantial enough to warrant full posts. Second, they were pretty easy and gave me a […]

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