Sep 282014

I started a post last week that got much too long, and it occurred to me that it would make a good post series. Introducing Facts That Aren’t.

Facts That Aren’t posts will examine assertions that “everyone” “knows,” that in fact have extremely limited or highly qualified truth values. Generally these “facts” are propagated by people who benefit if you believe them—for political or commercial reasons, for example.

I’ve done a bit of this on before, but never systematically, with this sort of sustained intent. I haven’t decided whether I’m going to have a regular day of the week for the series, or I’ll just do them as they come. However I ultimately do it, the first entry will be tomorrow, and I’m jumping straight into the inferno. Please join me.

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Sep 222014 is not a review site per se, but I’ve done enough of them now that it makes sense to gather them in one place. Hence, there is now a Bo’s Reviews tab on the navigation bar above. All of the restaurants, hot sauces, movies, or whatever for which I’ve written a review have a link there. The newest reviews are listed first in each category.

I lead the page with my restaurant reviews at Rocket City Mom, because I’ll reliably add to that list. My restaurant reviews usually appear at Rocket City Mom on the fourth Monday of the month. Hey, guess what today is? Head on over and check out my thought’s on a Huntsville mainstay, Big Ed’s Pizzeria.

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Aug 292014

I am officially on posting hiatus until Tuesday, September 2. Want something to read? Here are my favorite posts, going all the way back to the beginning. Here is the post in which I eat a Carolina Reaper (hottest pepper in the world). Go read me at Rocket City Mom. Thank you for reading [...]

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