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Aug 172017

Glen Campbell was one of my very first heroes, because “Rhinestone Cowboy” was my first favorite song. What a tremendous career! I’m glad that his mind is again his, and God be with his family and friends. RIP. Two escapees from Three Springs, a juvenile prison in our area, murdered a construction worker at our […]

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Aug 102017

(Click images below for larger versions.) My full report on the Rocket City Food Blogger Tour as Rocket City Mom Restaurant Analyst is here. I have been lax in introducing my fellow travelers on the Food Blogger Tour. I had a lot of fun hanging with Tomiko of Passports and Grubs, Kaleigh of KK Travels […]

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Aug 032017

The boys and I watched Red Dawn last night. They dug it. I enjoyed seeing it again. I wish the remake opportunity hadn’t been so badly squandered. I have eaten at an Indian restaurant perhaps ten times now. I’m sad that I apparently can’t connect with this cuisine like I have all other major Asian […]

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Jul 272017

Huntsville Restaurant Week is fast approaching, and the annual associated food blogger tour is this weekend! Watch and Rocket City Mom for my thoughts and perspectives. Band camp is going very well for both boys, I think. I was a little concerned about how quickly Aaron would settle in, and he’s doing wonderfully. The […]

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Jul 202017

I ran my mouth about a mild summer, and look what happened. Heh. Looks cooler next week, though with rain. Molly is going to the vet this afternoon for (probably) an X-ray of her lower spine. Something’s causing her a great deal of pain back there. Hoping it’s treatable and nothing serious. I shared Moon […]

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