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Oct 192017

Hello friend. The third season of Mr. Robot started last night. Let the record show that I am watching first-run television again (though delaying it 20 minutes to enable the zapping of commercials). On my way to Athens last week I noticed there is a new Blimpie next to the gas station at Gray and Browns […]

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Oct 052017

God be with all who are hurting as a result of the massacre in Las Vegas earlier this week. I hope we have some more information soon, because it’s clear there are some big puzzle pieces missing right now. I didn’t have it in my world view that Tom Petty would die. (At 66, I […]

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Sep 282017

There shouldn’t be any such thing as canned asparagus. That someone apparently consumes such a product, demonstrated by its ongoing availability, makes me so sad. Hugh Hefner has died at 91. I have a rather more complex opinion of his life and work now than I had maybe five years ago, but I still think […]

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Sep 212017

I apologize for my reduced frequency lately. I’ve been writing less anyway, and I didn’t manage even my new “standard” this week. It’s been an unusually busy time. Gene Simmons says he’s charging $2,000 for his box set The Vault, and will personally deliver it to anyone who purchases it. I doubt he’ll find it […]

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Sep 142017

Apple just announced a forthcoming iPhone that will cost $999. Poll results at Cult of Mac indicate almost no one is interested in the still-nice, well-featured phones positioned beneath it—which could indicate that even $999 isn’t high enough. Frank Vincent, a fine portrayer of gangsters indeed, has died at 80. RIP. Just about a month […]

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