Feb 082018
  • I’m not paying attention to the timeline day to day, but I happened to learn from a Facebook friend (who quit at the same time) that today is day 100 of my teetotalism. It’s amazing how much better I feel, how much my sleep has improved, and how much my capacity for handling stress has been enhanced. It’s like a superpower. I don’t see ever going back.
  • Elon Musk wants to build a city on Mars. I won’t live to see that. He won’t either. But I’ve begun to think my children might.
  • I can button blue jeans that are one size smaller now. I’m thinking they’ll be comfortable in another three weeks or so.
  • Actor John Mahoney has died at 77. He is probably best remembered as Frasier’s dad, but his most memorable role to me was irascible jackass talk show host Grant Gubler in Reality Bites. RIP.
  • Super Bowl Bullet: Tom Brady is being figuratively eviscerated for not congratulating Nick Foles personally after Super Bowl LII. This is piling on. He’s getting it because he’s Tom Brady. (And NFL lawyers: I called this a “Super Bowl Bullet” and I’m not going to call it anything else ever. Come get me.)
  • I’m about a month out from posting a comprehensive review of the Dr. Squatch soap line. There will be no review of Duke Cannon, because something in it made me itch. As folks seem generally happy with it, I’m presuming that’s my own peculiarity. (Loved the smell of the Naval Supremacy soap, though.)
  • Knowing something of my musical proclivities, my old friend David recently recommended Kraftwerk to me. I’m enjoying very much. Autobahn and Computer World are available to listen to free on Amazon Prime. Autobahn is truly brilliant, and I’m going to purchase it. It blows my mind that it was originally released in 1974.

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