Jan 112018
  • Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Check out the North Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force, as well as our Twitter page.
  • I’m optimistic that last week’s “adventure” with being hacked is over. I’m not going to be particularly specific about what happened because I’m a little paranoid about drawing new attention. I will say that: 1) it’s highly likely an automated program jacked my blog and then alerted a person to it; 2) there is strong evidence that deleting the existing plug-ins directory removed the vulnerability; and 3) reacting mostly calmly saved me a lot of trouble. If you want to know any more, ask me privately.
  • I’m still getting BoWilliams.com back like I want it. There were several bits of functionality I really liked that were from rather old plug-ins, and it’s more of a challenge than I anticipated putting those pieces back.
  • We landed the Toyota-Mazda plant! This means 4,000 high-quality direct jobs, and probably ten times that many supporting jobs. It will be the fifth major automotive plant in the state, and the fourth final assembly plant. I love the diversification of the labor force this brings to the area. The downside for us is that we’ll be in a mostly urban environment in three to five years. When we built this house in 2000, it was in the sticks.
  • We are watching Planet Earth II on Netflix right now, and it is a worthy successor to the original. It’s some of the best stuff ever put on television. The imagery is simply spectacular.
  • I recently encountered a listicle that claimed collectible status for Apple /// computers. I was highly skeptical until I found this on eBay. I’ve written of my old system before. I used it all the way through college graduation in 1992. It was considerably nicer than that system on eBay. We threw out probably three complete systems when Dad moved from the old house.
  • This simple silicone bowl for popping popcorn in the microwave is fantastic. If you want to make popcorn better for you at home, and you don’t want to mess with a dedicated countertop appliance, pick this product up. This is a genuine life improvement for $16. No connection other than being a satisfied customer.
  • The weather gets seasonal again tomorrow. It won’t be a pleasant weekend to be outside.

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