Jan 032018

Molly and Harper both want to sleep with us when it’s sure enough cold. Suits me. Mutual benefit.

Often I have to persuade them to move when I want to get in. Harper just scampers over and finds a nook in/on Lea, if she’s not there already. Molly usually jumps down and then returns between us, though she’s learning that she can just move to start with and be done.

During the winter, we keep the house about 70º F while we’re up and around. But overnight the heat won’t run until the temperature drops all the way to 62º, which means it almost never runs overnight.

I grew up with an electric blanket, but I can’t remember having one after I moved out. And Lea’s never had one. I’m much more sensitive to being too warm than I am being too cold, so I probably wouldn’t like it now. I actually don’t mind the sensation of warming up cold covers. And when I have a fever, no level of clothing and cover is ever enough, so it’s hard for me to see an electric blanket making any difference.

So I guess I’ll stick with the resident quadrupeds.

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