Dec 212017
  • When I got home from work last night, I turned the air conditioner on. Today is the first day of winter. Snow is semi-plausibly forecast for ten days from now.
  • It used to please me when the days started getting longer again. Now I’m ambivalent about it at best. I used to dislike winter a lot more than I do today. (But if we have an extended cold snap in March, ask me then.)
  • Dylan Moses broke his foot in practice? Seriously?
  • Alas, a long, satisfying, monogamous relationship is coming to an end. I must bid farewell to my remote control. Its IR database hasn’t been updated in several years, so it won’t operate my new TV. I may eventually explore a current URC offering, but inexpensive expedience wins for now.
  • Another strain of my technological conservatism is evident in my still using a dedicated alarm clock, which I learned reading Echo Spot reviews is an antiquated notion. (Evidently all y’all use your phones.) It’s a Boston Recepter, and still looks and works like new. Hey, it was killer kit 12 years ago. I have no plans to retire it.
  • Locals, remember that Fresh Market we were getting on 72 just east of Wall Triana? We’re not getting it anymore. Now it’s a Michael’s.
  • We have Star Wars tickets for this weekend. I hate having to see it so soon after release, but too many people are less than rigorous about spoilers.

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  6 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #446”

  1. I knocked my alarm clock off the table and broke it, so now I use my phone. It is harder for me to make it snooze so I’m getting out of bed quicker. If I procure a new dedicated alarm, I might need to get the kind that forces you to stand on the mat to turn it off!

    I have no interest in this star wars flick – the trailers just aren’t grabbing me. I may go see Blade runner 2049 once more while it’s still on the big screen. Just coming off of Lady Bird – the fabulously thoughtful story about ordinary grace. Looking forward to I, Tonya!

    • I think you’ll have a hard time seeing Blade Runner 2049 on the big screen at this point. We tried to get Lea to a show several weeks ago and it was already scarce.

      But we’ll have it on release day next month. Can’t wait to see it again.

  2. Bo! Your remote should be able to learn from the stock remote! I’ve never used pre-programmed codes… I’ve always just taught it so that it does exactly what I want the way I want it to.

    • It will learn. I just don’t want to mess with it to that depth anymore. Tweaking a few operations is one thing; starting at zero for a component is another.

      Back when they were keeping the database current, it was a real pleasure to use the programming software. URC was years ahead of anyone else (of course, it was supposed to be just for OEM installers). Logitech basically copied the design paradigm and made it friendlier.

  3. I am using the same alarm clock that I used in high school. There’s no shame in having a good, regular alarm clock. 🙂

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