Dec 072017
  • Well, I wish our first genuinely cold Saturday was full of football, but no matter. I’m still going to make chili, and we’re still going to have a fire.
  • The worst commercials of the 21st century are the “some people still like cable, just like some people like…” Direct TV commercials. They are deeply unfunny, demonstrating no understanding whatsoever of the whats and whys of humor. There is no rational reason for anyone involved in the decision to air these commercials to remain employed.
  • I am pleased Alabama is in the college football playoff. I am pleased that we should be much healthier on defense by the time we have to play. I am displeased with the timing of our defensive coordinator taking the head Tennessee job.
  • AM Booth’s Lumberyard‘s club sandwich, about which I have endlessly waxed, has inexplicably been removed from the menu. I discovered this yesterday, when I went to have it and get new photographs for my Huntsville menu all-star series (now on hold while I decide whether to go ahead with a different initial entry). I have the manager’s contact information and will be prominently complaining.
  • I’ve started working on the North Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force web site, with an aim toward keeping it informational and making it a link folks will hopefully pass around. Watch in the coming weeks for more improvements.
  • Supposed to snow tomorrow, but only a little bit and well south of here. I’d say your current bread and milk stores are probably sufficient.
  • Thursday miscellanea posts are apolitical, and this one shall be as well. But I’ll tiptoe a little more closely to it than usual and say that I’m ready for folks to have some different bees in their bonnets.

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