Nov 162017
  • This week I learned that just because your A/V receiver can switch 1080p video over HDMI doesn’t mean it can switch 4K video over HDMI. It has to do with the chip set inside the receiver, not the cables.
  • As I type, Charles Manson is on his deathbed. I don’t know his heart, but I believe no one is beyond redemption.
  • The Iron Bowl matters (beyond bragging rights). It’s always more fun when that’s the case. I think Alabama got an up State team, but it was still considerably more thrilling than it should have been. I hope we get some defensive personnel back before we play Auburn.
  • The new Pink album is good, but I think I enjoyed her last record more. I wish her songwriting would mature a bit. I’m not opposed to a good, effective cussword once in a while, but it feels a bit too forced this time around. (But goodness gracious sakes alive, what a set of pipes on that chick.)
  • I met Brandi for the first time in person this week! She is just as precious as you’d think.
  • Looks like the Mobile BayBears are going to be the Madison…something. (I hope they do change the name, because we don’t have a bay. I hate when they don’t and you get stupid nonsensical crap like the Utah Jazz.) Perhaps I’ll pick baseball back up.
  • Lea, the boys, and I went to Wayback Burgers for Rocket City Mom and had a marvelous time!

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