Nov 092017
  • In 1964, the Oldsmobile 4-4-2 was named that for its four-barrel carburetor, its four-speed manual transmission, and its dual exhaust. By the time it dwindled to an option package on the 1991 Calais, it meant four-cylinder engine, four valves per cylinder, and two camshafts.
  • We are back on glorious standard time, and temperatures are seasonal. I am a happy man.
  • In a (successful) effort to avoid Alabama-LSU traffic, we drove to Gordo last weekend through Jasper, Oakman, Berry, Bankston, Stough, and Fayette. It was a truly lovely drive, and I’m always pleased to see new-to-me parts of Alabama.
  • Looking like I might have live professional baseball ten minutes from my house in the near future. I haven’t followed the game since the 1994 strike. Maybe I’ll pick it back up.
  • A mini-review: I tried a pair of Duluth Trading’s Armachillo boxer briefs, which supposedly have a cooling effect because of embedded microscopic bits of jade. They are cut similarly to the Buck Naked boxer briefs and so are comfortable and supportive, but I am unable to perceive any significant cooling effect while wearing them.
  • I am thinking a double batch of pico de gallo sauce sounds excellent for Saturday’s football games. Easy on the chips and heavy on the cut-to-dip vegetable pieces, and it’s my favorite guiltless munchie.
  • One of my longtime favorite bloggers and brother in Christ Scott Roberts has undergone a major web retooling and now blogs primarily at this page. Thanks for all of the great stuff at—still a great reference for me—and I’ll look forward to following your new site as well, man!

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  1. While I, too, gave up watching MLB thanks to the ’94 strike I have rather enjoyed going to see the Barons play. I don’t do it often, but I do have fun.

    I used to be a huge Braves fan….much bigger Braves fan than I ever was an Auburn fan. Giving up college football after this year will be tough for me, but not as difficult as giving up MLB was.

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