Oct 312017

I missed it. I didn’t think about it last night. I didn’t think about it when I got up this morning. I realized it when I was talking about evening plans with Lea and she said “the boys have practice, and it’s Halloween…”

Oh yeah. I guess it is. I didn’t even do so much as wear an orange polo or watch. We didn’t buy punkins. Some years we have and just haven’t gotten around to cutting them, but at least they looked autumny and harvesty sitting on the porch. Nope. Didn’t even get that far. Lea says we have candy to hand out. That’s cool. The boys do that now that they don’t go out.

I imagine a lot of Stranger Things 2 will get watched tonight. We need to get with it, because enough people are ahead of us now that they’re starting to talk about it on the interwebs. I used to watch House of 1000 Corpses while Lea was out with the boys, but that’s probably a little much for wholesome family viewing.

Y’all trick-or-treaters be safe. It’ll probably be just barely warm enough that your mom won’t wreck your costume by making you wear your coat. I wish you many Snickers and Reese’s cups, and a minimal number of Bit-O-Honeys and those nasty orange and black wrapped things no one ever eats.

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  1. Halloween is usually a high holiday in my family (well parts of the family, anyway), but it is difficult to really get into it on a Tuesday when you work until dark. But, I’ll be slaving away today, channeling my inner Pegasus and trying to work out a Parrot costume for a future murder party.

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