Oct 042017

(I also posted this, mostly intact, on my Facebook profile today. Sorry if this is a rerun for you.)

When there is a disaster, one of the very first things Christians do is pray. I think this is mostly because it is something meaningful we can do immediately. A great many of us then go on to contribute money, time, or both to relief efforts. I consider prayer an integral part of these efforts, because we don’t know exactly how God will answer us.

When I pray it is sincere, profound, and powerful. I would not do it if I did not believe that.

Now I have a great many friends with many different belief systems, and that suits me just fine. You do not have to be a Christian to be my friend. And though you may occasionally encounter me discussing my faith, I’m not a proselytizer. I have arrived at my beliefs thoughtfully, and I assume you have arrived at yours thoughtfully as well. I believe that is a respectful way to approach one another.

Something I do not believe is respectful is posting snarky pictures making fun of “thoughts and prayers” as if they are synonymous with nothing. Here are two such examples floating around Facebook.

Understandably, I don’t care for these. I find them deeply unfunny, and I find posting them for a chuckle an obnoxious act.

Am I going to ask you not to post them? I am not. But I want you to know that I receive such a posting about as well as I would you pointing and laughing at me in prayer.

If you’re still good with that, then fire away. If you’re not, then think twice.

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