Sep 272017

I’m over here shopping for a new fall/early winter sport for 2018 and not having much luck. I thought it might be ice hockey. Unfortunately, the NHL has the same problem with CTE the NFL has, only they’re five to ten years behind the NFL in acknowledging it. Sigh. Maybe I’ll try college hoops from the beginning. Never done that before.

Of course the NFL is embroiled right now—not in CTE controversy but in whether and to what degree players are being disrespectful when kneeling during the national anthem (or not coming out, or raising a fist, or tying the flag in knots and passing it through their colons, or whatever).

I think reactions are beyond the pale on all sides of this debate. I think it’s peaceable activism on the players’ parts. I also recognize that the players are employees at their workplace, and their employer legitimately has something to say about how they conduct themselves at work. My passions are remarkably unstirred either way.

I do have a question for everyone who thinks this activism is a great thing, though.

You were just as cool with Tim Tebow praying, right?

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