Aug 242017
  • Hurricane Harvey could be bad. Thoughts and prayers with everyone in the affected areas.
  • We had a good time watching the eclipse with the boys, though our 97% coverage didn’t equate to nearly as much loss of light and heat as we’d anticipated. I haven’t talked to Lea about it yet, but we may travel to totality in 2024. Cape Girardeau isn’t far.
  • Aaron asked for cucumber soup a little while back, and I told him I’d make some for him. I’ll do that this weekend. Guess I better learn how. Anyone got a favorite recipe?
  • Related: what is with grown-ass people who can’t cook at all? And I don’t mean they’re not gourmet chefs; I mean they can’t brown hamburger meat or fry an egg? And then too many of them announce this with near-pride, instead of shame? I’m sorry a parent or an older sibling or a girlfriend/boyfriend type never showed you, but sheesh, get a book or find a YouTube video or two. Don’t revel in your ignorance of a basic life skill. Cure it.
  • It’s an odd, bumpity-bump start for football this weekend, with five college games on. I prefer the start on Thursday night, with the first Saturday being a big affair. (But they didn’t ask me.)
  • IndyCar returns to Gateway Motorsports Park this weekend, for the last oval race of the season. Pocono was ridiculously entertaining. Here’s hoping this race is just as good! See you at 8 CDT Saturday night on NBCSN!
  • We just got the bill for using the toll bridge just north of Louisville on our Indianapolis 500 trip. It was $8 ($4 going, $4 coming). Did you know that the U.S. Interstate Highway System contained toll roads? And that you could be using the interstate, and just be upon them? I didn’t until this past May.

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  1. Seester Susan’s house is in the path of 2024 totality. I’ve already booked a roommin her house, assuming she doesn’t move!

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