Jul 202017
  • I ran my mouth about a mild summer, and look what happened. Heh. Looks cooler next week, though with rain.
  • Molly is going to the vet this afternoon for (probably) an X-ray of her lower spine. Something’s causing her a great deal of pain back there. Hoping it’s treatable and nothing serious.
  • I shared Moon with Nathan this week. What a treat to enjoy it again! That is one of the finest science fiction films of the past ten years. Just phenomenally crafted, top to bottom.
  • It has been quite some time since I strayed from this life rule, but I did yesterday, and its infallibility was reinforced to me yet again: once you pick a lane at the grocery store, do not change lanes. For anything. If a woman begins giving birth in front of you, stay in your lane.
  • Tabasco has announced a new scorpion sauce that is 20 times hotter than standard Tabasco. I’ll try it, if I can get some. This is still not very hot, but it probably tastes good. (The habanero Tabasco is delicious.)
  • There are a few emulable characters on Breaking Bad, but Walter White really isn’t one of them.
  • College football begins in only 37 days.

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  2 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #428”

  1. Still a pretty mild summer, overall. I am delighted that the really hot weather waited until mid-July to get here instead of late May. Now, I am heading south to more humid climes in about a week; I will report on how much worse it could be.

  2. Yes to Moon!! What a great flick!
    Also, see, I did read and peruse the ole .com 🙂

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