Jul 032017

I’d have bet big money that there was no photograph of my father up against an Anniston Police Department cruiser with his hands on the roof.

(‘Course, most of the time when they put you that position they’re not smiling, and they take your beer away.)

If the indicated time stamp is accurate (and the Galaxie 500 cruiser lends support), then Dad is 29, and this was probably taken at St. Charles Apartments on Coleman Road. We lived in #2. The building still stands, though I think I noticed last time through that it was called something else now. Anyway, it’s just south of Shadowood, on the west side of the road. Our house on Pecanwood Drive is either in the late planning stages or barely underway.

Dad doesn’t remember the story of the photograph. Given his neighbors and running buddies at this point in his life, it might have been a really good one.

(UPDATE: Dad has weighed in. It is St. Charles Apartments, and my folks and their friends Eddie and Margaret were having a party. Someone complained about the noise, and when the police came, Eddie knew the officers. So it was a pleasant y’all-keep-it-down.)

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