Jun 292017
  • I have such grand plans for the long weekend in terms of getting things done at home. I better sit down and make a realistic list tonight or there’s a legitimate risk I won’t do any of it. (Self-awareness is the first step.)
  • Alien: Covenant was good, but not great. I’ll catch the rest of these films (because Ridley Scott), but I think it’s slowly becoming irrefutable that the only two excellent films in the series were released in 1979 and 1986.
  • Several reviews in the hopper, both here and at Rocket City Mom. Watch these pages.
  • So I’m eight years late to Words with Friends, but I’m enjoying it, thanks to an old friend’s invitation. It’s not the most stable application in the world, though. Seems like it hangs about once daily.
  • Nathan’s making sustained racket about getting his aquarium going again. He wants swordtails. We’ll do that and see how it goes.
  • I have a high school classmate who has taken a job in New Mexico and will soon leave the area. I did some poking around on Wikipedia yesterday looking at where she’s going to live and so forth, and I’m excited for her.
  • Looks a little damp, but probably without oppressive heat, for our extended weekend. I’ll take it. I can certainly remember Independence Days that were miserably hot.

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