Jun 152017
  • It’s icky outside already. Full air conditioning in the car is necessary from first thing in the morning. Get thee along with oneself, summer.
  • Here are both It trailers (so far) put together. I think this is one of the greatest horror novels I’ve ever read, and I think it’s being adapted to film by people who understand it at a spiritual level. This one is going to be rough. I can’t wait!
  • Good interstate traffic advice from an actual over-the-road truck driver:  If the traffic starts to get erratic, like there’s a wreck or something ahead, look for an independent/owner-operator trucker (nearly any Kenworth or Peterbilt; anything with custom paint or other personalization; etc.) and do what s/he does (lane selection, etc.). S/he is most likely to be monitoring the CB for current information.
  • The new dishwasher through me a slight curve last night that gave me a wonderful chance to work on my anger management skills. Sigh.
  • Texas was a bizarre race because of unforeseen tire difficulties on the new surface, as well as pack racing generating three significant accidents. Some of the drivers are hoping for less downforce from the new aerodynamics next year, reemphasizing driver skill and likely breaking up the masses of cars. We’ll see.
  • The Xbox One X has the boys considering throwing their Christmas lists on the altar of a 4K TV. (“The boys” means Nathan, Aaron, and I.) We shall see.
  • Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins on their second Stanley Cup in a row. Great run, Predators. We’ll come catch you in person sometime next year.

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