Jun 082017
  • A local church group on its way to Botswana for missionary work has had a serious bus accident in Atlanta. At least one person is dead and several others are critically injured. Please keep the Mt. Zion family in your prayers.
  • I got my first Fuego Box this week. I’m pleased with the selection. I’m doing three hot sauces per quarter. I’m really pleased with the commitment to flavor (i.e. no extract sauces).
  • Bob Stoops is retiring. Not after the 2017 season, but right now. He’s gone. That seems really odd to me. Says it isn’t health-related, though. I hate that we won’t have another crack at him now, but as badly as we stunk it up in the 2014 Sugar Bowl, maybe it’s a better ultimate lesson never avenged.
  • Orient has a 45% code for Father’s Day. It’s THANKSDAD. Orient is one of my favorite watch companies, and I could pick any number of pieces out if you were planning to get me one. (This would be good—only $605 with discount! Or this—only $206.25!) Just letting you know.
  • There are at least three movies out that I want to see at the theater. I can’t remember the last time that was the case. It may not have happened in my adulthood.
  • I tried Sugar-Free LifeSavers today. They’re pretty impressive, crunching up just like sugary ones and delivering 90+% of the flavor.
  • Looking forward to IndyCar at Texas Saturday night!

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