Jun 192017

As I type, my mother has been gone for 16 years; her mother, for 14.

But because of the haphazard ways they brought to some things, my sister still occasionally finds a box of photos we haven’t been through. This most recent one we’ve examined might be the best one yet.

If I’ve seen the photos before, usually I can remember going through them, even decades later. I pick up the narrative of the collection and start remembering other photos that I’m about to encounter that I haven’t yet; stuff like that.

But this box has a lot of photos I’ve never seen, including a truly amazing photo of my parents, as well as photos of my childhood home under construction.

I’ll begin sharing them with you in an upcoming post. Tonight I am finding them incredible because they’re supercharging the reordering of things in my mind that was already underway. I have some rooms I’m trying to expand. I have others I need to keep around, but move some things out of. And finally, I have some I need to brick over and forget about.

I guess that’s not really all that novel. But I’m badly overdue, so it feels so.

More soon.

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Jun 152017
  • It’s icky outside already. Full air conditioning in the car is necessary from first thing in the morning. Get thee along with oneself, summer.
  • Here are both It trailers (so far) put together. I think this is one of the greatest horror novels I’ve ever read, and I think it’s being adapted to film by people who understand it at a spiritual level. This one is going to be rough. I can’t wait!
  • Good interstate traffic advice from an actual over-the-road truck driver:  If the traffic starts to get erratic, like there’s a wreck or something ahead, look for an independent/owner-operator trucker (nearly any Kenworth or Peterbilt; anything with custom paint or other personalization; etc.) and do what s/he does (lane selection, etc.). S/he is most likely to be monitoring the CB for current information.
  • The new dishwasher through me a slight curve last night that gave me a wonderful chance to work on my anger management skills. Sigh.
  • Texas was a bizarre race because of unforeseen tire difficulties on the new surface, as well as pack racing generating three significant accidents. Some of the drivers are hoping for less downforce from the new aerodynamics next year, reemphasizing driver skill and likely breaking up the masses of cars. We’ll see.
  • The Xbox One X has the boys considering throwing their Christmas lists on the altar of a 4K TV. (“The boys” means Nathan, Aaron, and I.) We shall see.
  • Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins on their second Stanley Cup in a row. Great run, Predators. We’ll come catch you in person sometime next year.
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Jun 132017

I review a book once in a while on BoWilliams.com, but I can’t recall ever posting a “pre-review” before I’m done with it, as I’m doing right now with Primal Loss: The Now-Adult Children of Divorce Speak by Leila Miller.

My parents divorced in February 1982. I was not quite 11 years old. My younger sister had just turned 8. It was easily the most significant event of my childhood, and I have many memories of the way things were before vs. the way they were after. Furthermore, I have strong opinions on it—some longstanding, others more recently formed.

It’s rather difficult to write or talk about it without sounding self-pitying, and to a significant degree I sympathize with those who would say so. We play the cards we’re dealt.

But this book is also an important counter to a lot of “progressive” thought that says things like concern about children should be an input into the decision, though perhaps not a primary one. Or, my favorite: “kids are resilient.” Yes, kids bounce back because for the most part, human beings bounce back—but that doesn’t mean they’re the same.

The book is not fun to read (how could it be?). I am nevertheless enjoying it because I’m finding kindred spirits saying things I completely understand—and in a few cases, vocalizing thoughts I’ve always had but never expressed.

More to come in a full review soon.

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Jun 092017

“God has called me here and he’s done so for a reason. So I know he’s going to do incredible things.” – Sarah Harmening

The Mt. Zion Baptist Church bus crash in Atlanta yesterday couldn’t have hit much closer to home. The church is right in our neighborhood; the people onboard, our friends and neighbors. It was a mission trip to Botswana for high school juniors and seniors.

Sarah Harmening, who died in the crash, was the 17-year-old daughter of an old friend of Lea’s. Her mother shared the last page of her journal, showing what was on her mind and heart just minutes before she went to be with Jesus.

Her mother later commented on Facebook that she was certain God would get tremendous spiritual service from her daughter.

God bless all of these young people who set out to be the hands and feet of Christ. God be with all of those hurting in the Mt. Zion Baptist Church family.

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Jun 082017
  • A local church group on its way to Botswana for missionary work has had a serious bus accident in Atlanta. At least one person is dead and several others are critically injured. Please keep the Mt. Zion family in your prayers.
  • I got my first Fuego Box this week. I’m pleased with the selection. I’m doing three hot sauces per quarter. I’m really pleased with the commitment to flavor (i.e. no extract sauces).
  • Bob Stoops is retiring. Not after the 2017 season, but right now. He’s gone. That seems really odd to me. Says it isn’t health-related, though. I hate that we won’t have another crack at him now, but as badly as we stunk it up in the 2014 Sugar Bowl, maybe it’s a better ultimate lesson never avenged.
  • Orient has a 45% code for Father’s Day. It’s THANKSDAD. Orient is one of my favorite watch companies, and I could pick any number of pieces out if you were planning to get me one. (This would be good—only $605 with discount! Or this—only $206.25!) Just letting you know.
  • There are at least three movies out that I want to see at the theater. I can’t remember the last time that was the case. It may not have happened in my adulthood.
  • I tried Sugar-Free LifeSavers today. They’re pretty impressive, crunching up just like sugary ones and delivering 90+% of the flavor.
  • Looking forward to IndyCar at Texas Saturday night!
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