Apr 282017

My work is never done here, it seems.

Guys, set just a spell with me and let’s go over some things again to make sure we’re all “singing out of the same hymn book here,” as an old boss of mine was fond of saying. Dig:

  1. If a woman is your wife, you should definitely try to have sex with her.
  2. If a woman is a wife, but not your wife, you should definitely not try to have sex with her.
  3. If there is a woman who is your wife, then you should definitely not try to have sex with any other woman, even if she is no one else’s wife.
  4. There are many women who are receptive to harmless and enjoyable flirting—if you can flirt without being a creep.
  5. If you can’t flirt without being a creep, then you can’t flirt. Don’t try.
  6. You can have sex with any woman you want in your mind, and no one will know except you and Jesus.

Gentlemen, let’s learn, know, and live the above, please. We’re trying to have a civilized society here.

Thanks much.

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