Apr 062017
  • Suzie‘s funeral is today. Please include her friends and family in your prayers.
  • I went to Wal-Mart yesterday for motor oil. You see, no one but Costco can get within 30% of Wal-Mart’s price for Mobil 1; viscosities are limited at Costco; and the new Leamobile needs 0W-20. I had to use a self-checkout. Self-checkouts have “advanced” to the point that they don’t “like” it if you don’t put something down in the bagging area within a specified timeframe, which reliably roused my inner “asshole.” Yesterday’s visit reinforced how much I hate Wal-Mart, as well as how much I hate self-checkouts. I must continue doing this grudging bit of business with Wal-Mart—the savings are simply too substantial—but shall exploit the pickup service option when again I need Mobil 1 in six to nine months.
  • I finally saw my first Buick Cascada in the wild on Monday night. It was black, the top was down, and it was quite fetching. I couldn’t get a photo of it. I’d definitely drive one were I in the market for a convertible.
  • I am now so behind on video games I’d like to play that it’d probably take me two or three full-time months to get through them all. I’m talking about games already in my house. It might be time for me to admit that that page has turned.
  • Did you ever have a milkman? We did, for a bit of my pre-divorce childhood. He was a Barber’s employee (same people), and I had to be up really early to actually see him. He always left two half-gallon of Vita-Diet skim milk in the dark purple cartons, with occasional other items, on the doormat by the back door, with a crate over them.
  • That back door was right by the persimmon tree where Dad and I had our hickory horned devil adventure. In the latter time that we lived there, after Dad had remarried, we had about 300 square feet chain-linked off for Caesar right there too. None of that is there anymore. My childhood yard has changed quite a bit.
  • There are multiple reviews in the BoWilliams.com pipeline, including an intriguing consumer product tomorrow and a new #hsvhotwings review Saturday. Thank you for reading! Tell your friends!

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  2 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #416”

  1. I use to refer to Wal-mart as Hell-mart. I still won’t shop there BUT I’m letting go of calling it Hell-mart. 3 local stores are making pet food donations weekly to the Greater Huntsville Humane Society. The Cullman Distribution Center is making a sizeable weekly donation of pet food to Manna House. So, I’m giving up the hate. It’s probably time. : )

    • Give up the hate, for you must keep it stoked, which robs energy from other parts of your life.

      But don’t forget how every time you go in there you leave feeling worse. It’s perfectly reasonable to continue allowing that memory to define your behavior. 🙂

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