Apr 252017

I started to type “I’ve been overweight my entire adult life,” but that’s not true. I was in phenomenal shape when I was selling cars, and for the first year I was at Intergraph. I weighed 165 pounds.

I haven’t quite doubled that, thank God, but I did record a 310 yesterday.

I’ve blogged so many times about losing weight and then not done it, and I’m not going to go on and on now. I have an interesting motivation this time, though—one I think may well stick. Heart disease and diabetes risks finally hitting home? No. Tired of feeling and looking bad? Yes, I am, but that’s not the impetus. Ready to wear the massive wardrobe you can lose weight through for the next two years? Yes, but ditto.

It has been the horrifying realization that at my current size, I am likely ineligible to ride most of the roller coasters at Busch Gardens. And we’re going to Busch Gardens this year.

What kind of shit is that, Bo? You can’t be bothered to literally add years to your life and feel better, but the thought of losing a thrill ride or two clicks you over?

Yup. Dunno. Not gonna dig too deep into it. Just gonna try to keep the fire stoked.

Maybe I’ll track my progress on a blog sidebar. Haven’t decided yet.

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  4 Responses to “Losing weight to ride roller coasters”

  1. Whatever motivates you!

  2. Thanks Carol!

  3. Ya know.. you’re not the only one who’s used a coaster addiction to fuel the weightloss fires. My husband and I used to be big coaster riders.. We went to Kings Island for our honeymoon and first anniversary (travelled from Tennessee). Went to Cedar Point for #2 and 3. A few years later when we started driving cross country as an OTR team we got Six Flags season tickets and hit 5 or 6 parks around the country in a year riding everything we could.

    Two years ago, we went to Dollywood (the “local” theme park) and although I had lost a few pounds since the last time I was there I couldn’t comfortably get the lap bar on to be able to ride of Thunderhead.. I’d ridden it several times in the past but “realignment” of skin due to weight loss then gain made my midsection just mishapen enough to make for an embarrassing experience in the fron tof the coaster line. 🙁 I was done. No more coasters for me. I wasn’t even gonna try anymore.

    Fast forward a few years and hubby’s heart attack and battle with oncoming diabetes made him look into keto. We jumped in with both feet and now, 11 months later, we’ve lost a combined 180 pounds between us. As we realized we were able to fit into a previously too-tight restaurant booth, hubby commented “I bet we can ride those coasters now!” We plan on trying that out at some point this year.

    Best of luck in your journey and many happy loops to you!!

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