Mar 062017

“Did I go to work today?” “What time is it?” “Is anyone else here?”

Those are the thoughts I had yesterday afternoon when I woke up from one of those thoroughly disorienting naps you don’t plan to take. Had the race telecast not been on a commercial, I probably would have pulled the moment in more quickly. As it was, it took me a good 30 seconds to get my bearings.

It was an odd weekend. The last Upward Saturday was also the longest, with the final game beginning at 5:30. That meant better than 11 hours at church for me, but it being my last time, it was easy to savor. We all watched almost two full episodes of one of those shows on which antique/collectible dealers go through people’s old garages and storage areas, looking for old signs and radios and what-not. We’ve never done that before, but it was fun.

I’m trying to step into this week attentively. An accidentally (?) transitionally-themed weekend has reinforced to me that there are things to explore. There are pursuits, smallish to largish, that I’ve considered for years and put off for bad reasons. Time for a plan or two to head down these paths and see what’s there.

After all, how much time do I think I have?

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