Mar 302017
  • Far too many of you are using pleasurable when you should use pleasant. Pleasurable has fairly strong connotations, and they’re not necessarily good polite conversation. Do your part on this, please. Thank you.
  • Another winter of neglect; another spring of firing right up on the first try.
  • I did have a tool fatality in the process, though, when I went to air up the right rear tire (which I do every single time I need it instead of taking 30 minutes one time to fix it properly). I had a little inexpensive rechargeable compressor a little larger than a lunchbox that I think I bought the year Lea and I got married, so nearly 20 years ago. I had replaced the battery once, but that was it. What a great soldier! Well, some sintered hardware inside it has irreparably failed, so I finally said goodbye last night. I replaced it with this, which feels a little flimsy, but I’ll be happy if I get two or three years out of it. (Slam-dunk, really. Already had a battery to run it.)
  • I had the best club sandwich of my life yesterday at AM Booth’s Lumberyard in Huntsville. It was perfect. It was generously constructed, including thick bacon. It came on fresh jalapeno-cheddar FredBread. I’ll go back for that sandwich often.
  • The opening 2017 Formula 1 race was reasonably entertaining. It looks as if Ferrari may be competitive this year and give us some Lewis Hamilton relief.
  • I’m mostly OK with the stage racing in NASCAR this year, but I think throwing a yellow at the end of each stage is stupid. Keep it green, count the points, and race on.
  • The weather looks delightfully mild over the next week or ten days. We didn’t have much of a winter, but we are apparently going to have a spring.

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