Feb 142017

Happy Valentine’s Day, dudes and dolls!

Been tough to get anything down here lately. Was a little under the weather, then had grown-up church and home improvement stuff to do all weekend. Couple all of that with an ever-dicey sleep regimen, and it’s BoWilliams.com that must suffer first.

I’m not sure I have anything of any length to say about the Trump administration yet. I’ve been encouraged by some of his decisions, but disheartened to see that fears about his day-to-day behavior and demeanor have, so far, proved reasonable. I mean, we were supposed to see moderation when he secured the nomination, and then in the campaign proper. Didn’t really happen either time.

So should we be surprised that it hasn’t in the White House? Just who’s the dumbass here? How many times are we going to look for the GAIN and SQUELCH knobs on this guy, only to find the same old VOLUME knob that starts at about 6?

What else? We’re firmly in the middle of my annual dark period—after the Super Bowl but before the first IndyCar race. I’ll probably get too excited about the Daytona 500 because I’ll be desperate.

Still working a sociocultural post, though now I’m considering whether it might be a post series. It’s practically guaranteed to make people mad, so I want to get it right.

Back soon with better. Thank you for reading BoWilliams.com.

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