Feb 162017
  • I watched the first episode of Mr. Robot, loved it, and then never went back to it. I restarted it last night. Two down. I’ll stay with it this time. Watched the pilot of Shameless a couple of nights ago too. Still considering that one. I’ll maybe make a call after three episodes.
  • New bathtub is in, with a little pain but nothing unrecoverable at the end of the day. Lea has big tile plans, so I guess I need to figure out the backing board next.
  • As you may know, I set a strict price limit of $500 for any birthday presents that BoWilliams.com readers get for me. As it happens, this watch just sneaks under the wire, and I want it. (If several of you want to get it for me, you can get other colors. I’d also like blue and black.) I know it says $832, but if you put the code “Cyber” in at checkout you get 40% off, which takes it to $499.20. Perfect! My birthday is in April. And thank you in advance!
  • I went by Madison Square yesterday to have a gander at the destruction. It’s not particularly impressive-looking yet. Doesn’t even look like anything has happened from the back yet.
  • IndyCar testing is in full swing, and the first race is just three weeks and change away. Can’t wait!
  • Lea made strawberry shortcake for dessert on Valentine’s Day, and it was that great mildly sweet Bisquick recipe that is so marvelously crumbly. Been thinking about it since. We may have to have it for breakfast soon.
  • Been trying to shift gradually to an earlier wake time, and that’s not working out. Cold turkey it is. Hopefully it’ll only be uncomfortable for a week or so.

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