Dec 152016
  • I was reminded of the story of last night’s post listening to Larry Miller’s podcast, and particularly his telling of his very limited experience with strip clubs. Mine is similarly limited. My encounter with Holly was much more interesting than the story of the only time I ever actually went into a place where there were naked dancing women.
  • Speaking of podcasts, I’ve never really jumped into this world before and I’m exploring to see if it is a good and sustainable thing for me. I’m looking for about eight weekly go-tos, about half comedy/commentary and some mixture of news and technology for the other half. What are your favorites?
  • I scored a fifth of Jim Beam Black and two glasses at the Christmas party at work. (We call it a “dirty Santa” but all of the gifts are good. But some are better than others. Heh.)
  • We’re in the middle of a week without central heat! Woohoo! We have gas logs and plenty of air distribution so it’s not so bad, but wow, it’s been some December. Ready for some relief, during which things just work like they’re supposed to? How about that?
  • I am pumped for Rogue One. The boys are receiving and at least partially digesting earfuls of nonsense at school about how much it’s going to suck. I can’t wait for them to see how wrong they are. We’ll have to catch it before Christmas.
  • Charlie Strong has agreed to be the South Florida head coach. He should be able to do well there. I’ll be pulling for him.
  • I’m just about finished with my Christmas shopping. It’s been long enough now since I had a bunch of stuff to put together on Christmas Eve for the boys that I’m a little nostalgic for it. That first little exciting bit of Christmas morning now is a) more expensive; b) easier to prepare; and c) much shorter-lived!

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  1. Tech Pod casts: The daily ones I listen to are Daily Tech News, Tech News Today and the weekly one I listen to is TWIT (This Week in Tech).

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