Nov 102016
  • It certainly was tough to keep it apolitical this week.
  • We watched Star Trek Beyond last night. It’s worthy, though I think probably third of the three so far. This cast has jelled nicely.
  • A wrecker came and got Lea’s van yesterday. On my way out to work this morning I noticed where I had set the gas cap holder from the inside of the van’s gas door after it came off, so I could remember to put it back on. Heh. I’ve also got some new vent window motors somewhere that I never got around to installing. I’ll have to eBay those.
  • I’ve enjoyed driving my pickup every day, though it’s embarrassing how hooked I am on the Bluetooth stereo in the Technical Writing Express. I may get a new truck stereo for Christmas.
  • Did anyone in college in the ’60s really have a love nest like Otter’s in Animal House?
  • I had an interesting #HsvHotWings experience today. I’m still mulling how to write about it. Watch for a review soon.
  • All right. We’ve got 60s during the day, 40s at night, and we’re back on standard time. That means electric bills back to normal, soup for dinner, and hot boots on hot chicks. I’ll take it.

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