Nov 032016
  • I stopped following baseball closely 20+ years ago, but how could I not watch the Cubs and the Indians in the World Series? I caught it here and there, and then watched all of the ridiculously entertaining Game 7.
  • So with the Red Sox winning three years ago and the Cubs last night, the Indians are the last old-time sad sack in the majors. I mean, there are several teams born in the second half of the 20th century who have never been, but I’m talking about long-ago champions who haven’t gotten back. The Indians, with their most recent championship in 1948, stand alone. You have to jump all the way to the 1979 Pirates for the next longest-ago, and if I can remember it, then it’s too recent to count.
  • It’ll still be 70-something for highs, but we have several nights of lows in the 40s coming. We’ve been having soup anyway—we’re big soup people—but it’ll be nice to actually have the weather to go with it.
  • The adjuster hasn’t looked at the van yet, but we’re pretty much assuming it’s going to be totaled. Still talking about timing and identity of the new Leamobile. I hope it’s as capable a road warrior as the outgoing unit.
  • I’ve been carrying an Android phone—a Motorola Moto G, fourth generation—for a week now. It’s the one with Amazon ads for $149.99 instead of $199.99, but I got mine for $119.99 on a daily deal. It’s worth every bit of that. The screen sizes have passed me by, though. This one’s 5.5″, and I still want about 4.8″.
  • (I’ll claim this is apolitical because I don’t like either one of them.) The presidential race is tightening considerably. Still probably Hillary’s to lose, but Nate Silver has Trump up to a chance of about 1 in 3. He was 1 in 8 a week ago.
  • Christmas Day is seven weeks from Sunday. You’re welcome.

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  1. >This one’s 5.5?, and I still want about 4.8?

    Never heard those words uttered to me once. I’ll let you decide why.

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