Oct 112016

My younger son coined that phrase last night. He wasn’t talking about the election, but he certainly could have been.

I thought I had said on the record I was going to vote for Trump if he became the nominee, and it turned out I did. I said it just about a year ago. Then, I stopped just short of saying it again in January.

However, I have known for months that I am not going to vote for Donald Trump, and today, four weeks from Election Day, let that settle into the official narrative. It will not happen.

BoWilliams.com will not endorse any nominee for the 2016 U.S. presidential election. It is likely that I will vote for Gary Johnson, only because I want to be able to point to a television or computer screen and see my discontent, and that seems like the only way to do that.

Folks, it’s not going to be a happy election. We need to find considerable unity on the other side of it. Please keep that in mind as you air your views over these last few weeks.

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