Sep 152016
  • How come no one makes lasagna such that three or four whole pieces are exactly the same area as a 9″ x 13″ casserole dish? Doesn’t that seem like an obvious thing to do?
  • I took an accidentally lengthy hiatus from my review of Huntsville-area hot wings. I have two or three more places to visit, and then I’ll wrap it up. Watch for a new #HsvHotWings review in the next day or two.
  • Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi believed that on time was late, and that ten minutes early was on time. This is “Lombardi time.” I need to read a good Lombardi biography. His Wikipedia page makes me want to know a lot more about him.
  • Facebook just posts trending names, and if they’re people who are, ahem, no longer young, I always have to click them to make sure they’re not dead. Neil Peart, Toni Basil, and Steven Tyler have all gotten me to click for that reason this week. Is this subtle-but-very-effective clickbait?
  • The sixth-safest drivers in the country are in…Huntsville, Alabama. It’s really not bad here, folks. Spend a week in DC or Boston and get back to me.
  • I’ve gone all-in on wet shaving with a safety razor. I was an electric guy for many years, and used cartridge razors for several more. But now that my technique is significantly improving, this is the best shave I’ve ever gotten (with the least damage to my skin, as in none). Plus, it costs much less than electrics or cartridges. I have a post or two coming on it.
  • IndyCar silly season is in full swing, with Josef Newgarden being the key figure. Penske and Ganassi are each expected to try to land him for 2017. If it’s the former, then Juan Pablo Montoya is expected to be a free agent. If the latter, it just might be Tony Kanaan. One common speculation has A.J. Foyt cutting loose both Jack Hawksworth (likely) and Takuma Sato (possible) and picking up JPM or TK. I think the idea of A.J. with Kanaan and a young driver for him to mentor is exciting.

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