Aug 022016

You know how sometimes it’s just off? I mean, like when you’re watching something and the video and the audio aren’t synced up so you can kind of follow it but it just annoys the hell out of you? You know like when you have a day like that? Like when your life is like that? I just had two of those days. Except what’s out of sync is your mood and what you have to do, or maybe your mental acuity.

And I had something to work on tonight that I thought was going to be a gigantic pain in the ass, but I just kind of bucked up and jumped in (you know how you just start something without thinking about it so you’ll be in the middle of it and can’t quit by the time your awareness returns?) so I wouldn’t have to deal with it first thing in the morning, and instead of being a gigantic pain in the ass it took just about ten minutes. It’s like mini-Friday night now. I’m so ridiculously and (really) irrationally happy.

Yes, this is a lame blog post that should probably have been whittled down to a Facebook status, but it’s high art compared to any crap I might have tried to spit out last night. Something better tomorrow, I’m confident. Thank you for reading

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  1. I’m sorry you’ve been off kilter, I hate that feeling. Your “mini Friday night” description is spot on though and that is a wonderful feeling. Hopefully it counterbalanced the former a bit.

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