Aug 252016
  • Most of my knowledge of Chicago, the band, has been of its competent-but-unremarkable pop music. “Hard to Say I’m Sorry”? Remember that one? That kicked off a dozen pop hits through the rest of the ’80s, all decent but none particularly memorable. I know of early Chicago, but only the biggest singles. So what did I do last night? Well, I’m a mature enough listener now to enjoy that first Chicago album top to bottom. (And a couple others. I bought the debut, the second album, and VI to begin. Having a blast so far.)
  • Pocono got rained out on Sunday, so they rescheduled it to Monday. It’s one of only two 500-mile races on the IndyCar schedule. Did I take off work to watch it? Yes. Yes, I did. I enjoyed it very much, though it deserved a more interesting winner than Will Power. So glad Helio Castroneves was OK after this bizarre pit road accident. Another inch or two and he’d have been killed.
  • If you’ll cultivate a taste for black coffee, you’ll be happy anywhere there is coffee. Plus, black coffee pairs so well with dessert. Yin. Yang. Got me?
  • As I type, we are inside ten days until the first Alabama game of the 2016 season. Are you ready? Does it feel real to you yet?
  • Well, it doesn’t feel all the way to me yet because we still have this cheese dip weather. I hope September is kind.
  • Dad burned Jenny and me out on lemon chicken in 1982 (immediately post-divorce). I discovered last night that I’m still not over this. I guess if it’s persisted 34 years, it may be lifelong.
  • The common lionfish is a devastating invasive species in the Gulf of Mexico. It has a voracious appetite, and nothing eats it. Is a lionfish-zapping robot the answer?

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