Apr 182016

Dear Governor Bentley,

I’m sad to say I’ve long since given up any significant moral expectations of people who run for national office. But I do hang onto a certain (admittedly silly) sentimentality about candidates for state office. Alabama, much maligned, both fairly and unfairly, is special to me. I love my state deeply.

That is why I am so deeply embarrassed by your actions, and angered at your defiance in the face of so many calls for your resignation.

The apologies you have made are insufficient. Although contrition that coincides precisely with exposure is already suspect, yours is made all the more hollow by your continued refusal to leave.

Your wan defense of claiming your actions were legal, even if true, misses the point. Dignity and honor are bigger than the law. Through sustained poor choices, you have jettisoned yours.

I hope and pray that in the twilight of my life, I will be wiser about what matters.

It is not my place to sit in judgment of you. However, I need not do so to want you out of my house, and I do. It is time for you to go. Please resign your office immediately.

Bo Williams

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Apr 152016

Last night I wrote about a third of this post, more or less. This morning I picked it back up and said “hey, this is sounding familiar…”

My kids know most of my stories now too. When we’re out and about and something reminds me of a memory, they finish my thought about two-thirds of the time now.

This is the 2,970th post on BoWilliams.com. I wonder how many of my memories/anecdotes are left for me to share with my kids?

I’m only 45. Is this supposed to be happening yet?

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Apr 142016
  • Please say a prayer for Ryan Parris, a fine young man I know by association about four different ways. He has a rare eye disease that is threatening, among other things, his University of Alabama football career.
  • Earlier this week my friend Cliff, who is an Uber driver, picked up a fellow who had just been released from prison after serving 27 years for a crime he didn’t commit. (He was exonerated, presumably with DNA testing.) Cliff got to show him the Internet. Then he put some ’80s music on, and told him he hadn’t missed all that much on the music scene. The newly free man leaned back in the seat and cried.
  • Today is the 104th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, as well as my father’s 72nd birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad!
  • Now Johnny Manziel is a passenger in an alleged hit-and-run incident. If there is a bigger example of shamelessly wasted potential than this guy in the past 20 years, then I don’t know who it is.
  • Do the Braves realize the season has started?
  • IndyCar has announced a multi-year agreement with MillerCoors, which is welcome news. As exciting as the racing is, the sport has not been financially healthy in a long time. Here’s hoping this is a corner turned.
  • Looks like a pretty Saturday, and our soccer game is early. The yard and garage shall receive our sustained attention.
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Apr 132016

This is part of an ongoing series reviewing hot wings in the Huntsville area. Visit #HsvHotWings for a comprehensive linked list.

hooters1Took one for the team and went to Hooters today! Heh. Dad was meeting me for my birthday, and this was close to both of us.

Hooters has many permutations of wings—different sauces with varying flavors and heat levels, breaded or not, and so forth. The top heat level is Triple Dog Dare. It’s the only one with five flames on the scale. I had three drums and seven flats, served with Ranch dressing and no celery. (I’m going to start omitting the dressing if there is no celery. I don’t use it on the wings.) They were $11.76 before tip. Our server Torrie was prompt and competent.


Quality: 7/10. Excellent drums; flats just a little small, but not annoyingly so. They were cooked well, coated with enough sauce to necessitate a lot of paper towels, and served at an ideal temperature.

Flavor: 8/10. Totally disarming. I always expect a buffalo or straight pepper vibe from a restaurant’s hottest, and when Torrie set these down, I got a little hint of burn in my nose, seemingly confirming my assumption. Then, they went immediately in a strong barbecue direction when I tasted them. They’re tangy and unambiguously sweet, though not cloyingly so, and with a lot of garlic bottom. These are tasty wings.

Heat: 6/10. The Triple Dog Dare wings punch you immediately with what is probably cayenne, and then begin a characteristic Capsicum chinense build, so we’re probably talking habaneros or ghosts. The ceiling isn’t really high, but it’s enough to get your attention, and you are indeed on it for a while. A nice sear of the lips and tongue, with a forehead glow and a tear.

This might have been my fourth trip to Hooters ever, and the food’s never made much of an impression either way on me. These wings were a delightful surprise, and some of the best I’ve had so far.

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Apr 132016

One day, 22 years ago as I type, the girlfriend I had right before Lea decided she was going to move to Nashville.

Well, I didn’t want to move to Nashville, and though I didn’t steer us there as gracefully as I might have, we had already figured out we weren’t going to be together long-term. So, no long-distance relationship. But, it was pleasant enough to continue hanging out until she moved, so we did.

That’s kind of where I am today with Windows Phone. I like you, Windows Phone, but I know you’re not The One.


I dropped my beloved Lumia 830 two weeks ago, face-down on asphalt, from about five feet. Gorilla Glass is many things, but elastic is not one of them. It was the first phone screen I’ve ever broken.

The Lumia 640 is not quite as trick—no dedicated camera button, plastic case instead of metal, stuff like that—but functionally it’s pretty close. It has the same screen size and resolution, same processor, same RAM, and so forth. It’s also sold as a pay-as-you-go for $29.99—a slam-dunk answer to my problem.

After a false start with an Amazon merchant who didn’t validate the phone before shipment (so I had to send it back), I uneventfully moved into my box store-purchased 640 this weekend. It’s fine.

Or, it was, until I decided to take it to Windows 10 Mobile last night. Everything went smoothly, except that when it came back up, I had no calendar and no contacts. No amount of reentering account information, resynchronizing, or anything else would bring them back. Binged it and found a couple of links that said, essentially, “uh, yeah, that happens sometimes.”

Well, I’ve had enough. I’ve defended/justified the pitiful app store because I like how the phone works so much, but this has broken my back. It’s been my experience over the past three or so years with Windows phones that these glitches are infrequent, but they’re never small.

Plus, Microsoft’s long-term phone strategy is anyone’s guess. There are rumors of Surface phones in 2017, but I’m tired of that kind of sweet talk, too. I was supposed to be able to go to Windows 10 Mobile uneventfully on my 830 by the end of last year. Nope. Also, my boys’ phones were going to be upgradeable to Windows 10 Mobile. Now? Nope.

I’m fine for the moment, but I’m now certain there is a jump to Android in my future.

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