Apr 192016

This is part of an ongoing series reviewing hot wings in the Huntsville area. Visit #HsvHotWings for a comprehensive linked list.

bh1I was probably at Baumhower’s the first time I was ever served hot wings in a restaurant (though back then it was called Wings, and I think I remember it was over across from Red Lobster instead of off Airport).

The model at Baumhower’s is to choose a heat level and a flavor. There are 6 heat levels and a whopping 16 flavors, so there are 96 different varieties of wings available. The top heat level is Bring Da’ Pain, and I chose Sweet Fire for my flavor. I ordered the 1-lb. lunch special, which comes with curly fries, dressing, and celery. That turned out to be six flats. This was $10.34 before tip. Our server Aaron did a fine job.


Quality: 6/10. Two of the six flats were a little scrawny, and one was a little done (visible in the photo). They were otherwise cooked properly, and served hot.

Flavor: 7/10. There is a lot of sugar in this sauce, but there is also a fair bit of vinegar, so there’s a bit of sweet-and-sour vibe. It melds well with the heat. When I was ordering I thought Sweet Fire sounded something like Golden Flake hot potato chips, and that’s a fair approximation. The wings were good.

Heat: 5/10. There’s a bit of “turbo lag” with Bring Da’ Pain. There was nearly no heat until the third wing, and then it came on a bit. It’s a pleasant warmth, but with no obvious specific pepper variety. A little tilt toward the chemical, but that was a by-product of vinegar, with no bitterness from extract. Heat lingered on lips and tongue for about 10 minutes. My lunch companion, who has a normal palate, dipped her finger in the sauce and said it was an 8 to her.

It was good to drop back in on what is, for me, the original wings place.

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