Mar 282016

mtoliveI get all of the pickles forever in our marriage. Lea doesn’t like them. She nearly never orders stuff without them, though—she picks them off. So I get extras—on burgers, but also the yummy super-garlicky wedges at Firehouse. And, she’s no threat to pickles in the fridge.

Speaking of, meet Mt. Olive Hot ‘N’ Spicy Kosher Dills. My stepmom didn’t see the “Hot ‘N’ Spicy” when she bought them, and they don’t do hot and spicy. So she asked me if I wanted them when we were over for Easter dinner yesterday. Yes, please.

Ooh, these are tasty. It’s a good dill pickle that starts building about halfway through a bite, and then leaves you with a nice little burn that persists for a few minutes after you finish it. I can’t tell exactly what the heat is from, as there’s just standard pickle stuff in the ingredient panel. Whatever it is, it blends very well with the usual dill pickle spices—and, for a mass-market product, it’s pretty hot.

Of course, pickles are low-calorie, but they also have so much salt that you have to be careful. These do make me want to sit down and have four or five of them.

If you like dill pickles and think you would enjoy a little afterglow, pick these up.

(And if they turn out to be too hot for you, I’ll take them.)


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  2 Responses to “Review: Mt. Olive Hot ‘N’ Spicy Kosher Dills”

  1. In Hot Springs, S took us to a German place where we got a cheese board. It had something called 5-alarm colby cheese and sriracha mustard. Reminded me of you and spicy things. These were tasty.

    • My sister was talking about how she couldn’t eat onions at lunch today. Sigh.

      I think I would weep uncontrollably if my doctor ever told me I couldn’t eat hot stuff anymore.

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