Sep 242015
  • Madison Pike reopens tomorrow! I’m looking forward to seeing how much traffic this pulls off Madison Boulevard in the evenings. I hope it’s significant.
  • Thankfully, I was able to declare victory over the washer last night. I’m out $185 for parts, several hours of aggravation, and a little blood. (Not fun, but the upside is it would have been a $400 service call, i.e. dangerously close to “totaled.”) I can’t say enough about‘s customer service and repair help. I find appliance repair roughly as enjoyable as a prostate exam, but their step-by-step videos definitely minimize the pain.
  • Dad is just back from ten days in Europe, including the Oktoberfest, which (you may know) is the biggest single event in the world by attendance. Looking forward to getting together and hearing about it soon.
  • Alabama has had highly accurate quarterbacks for so long that I’ve gotten really spoiled. It’s hard to swallow holding my breath when Coker loads up. I mean, with AJ he’d get a quarter-second into that lazy, lobbing release, and it was money, man. You knew it was a touchdown. Now, apparently, with a pass downfield, it’s back to the same, oh-shit vibe as was necessary at numerous points in the ’80s and ’90s. Maybe he’ll settle down.
  • I’m impressed with the current condition of Milton Frank Stadium. East played there last week, and wow, what a nice facility. I think both Lea and I expected there to be more “patina.”
  • Looking forward to writing at Rocket City Mom again soon. You should look forward to reading me there.
  • Farewell and godspeed to Yogi Berra, one of the most remarkably decorated athletes of all time in terms of championships and awards, as well as a verbal treasure and all-around wonderful fellow. RIP.

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  2 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #349”

  1. Those of us who live along Slaughter Rd can’t wait to have Farrow Lane all to ourselves again!

  2. I’m so grateful that lizzie has her straight shot to/from school back. Going around everyday is an annoyance. Not to mention I can get to shopping easier!

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