Sep 092015

I’m 44 years old and have lived in Alabama my entire life, and I never heard of hummingbird cake before this week. I suggested that Lea make bread from some bananas we weren’t going to get to in a timely manner, and this is the card she played.


It’s rutha tasty. I like banana bread, and it’s one of the few baked goods I enjoy with nuts. Hummingbird cake is like banana bread on steroids. I can’t eat a lot of it because it’s pretty sweet, but I thoroughly enjoyed the piece above.

It also gave me a lot of fun with my younger son. Lea mentioned her plan at Sunday morning breakfast, and Aaron said “hummingbird cake?” And I said “yeah, Mom waits for the late afternoon when the hummingbirds gather at that bush in the back, and she sprays and prays with an M60.”

Aaron laughed.

“Yeah, it’s not much fun crawling around in the grass afterward, examining little bits and asking ‘is that a piece of hummingbird I can use for my cake?'” I continued.

Aaron howled.

I did too.

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  2 Responses to “It’s hummingbird cake!”

  1. Have you never had hummingbird cake? I mean, surely you’ve had it and just didn’t know what it was called? Because honestly, I didn’t know it was even legal in Alabama to have a family gathering or a Baptist potluck without a hummingbird cake.

    • Well, I don’t go to family gatherings or Baptist potlucks, so there’s that. 🙂

      I’m positive I didn’t know the term until this week. I may have encountered the cake before and, not realizing it had a lot of banana in it, passed on it. (I’m not much on carrot cake, spice cake, and similar. But banana redeems this one.)

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