Sep 082015

Do you know the rock star/comic/artist/raconteur Ali Spagnola? You should. She’s really talented and tons of fun. She has a drinking game album (and concert)!

She has an awesome Twitter feed, which is where I was introduced to her. She posts a lot of Vine videos (and you really should just go watch everything she’s ever put up there right now. Just be late to whatever you have to do next.)

She also paints a painting a day and gives it away! And I got mine today! I asked her to paint one of my favorite things in the world.


Isn’t it awesome? Lea’s working on having it framed, and then we’re hanging it in the kitchen.

You can ask Ali to paint something for you too, but the waiting list is long. (Pssst…if you do send her a bit of money you’ll magically jump in front of people who didn’t.)

Ali, I love my chili pepper, and I love the laughs. Thank you for both!

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