Aug 272015
  • We just had two open-window nights in a row in August! Alas, they appear to be over for a while.
  • I saw an Alfa Romeo 4C yesterday in traffic. At a glance it looked like a Ferrari coming up, but the Alfa Romeo grille gave it away (and plus I saw how small it was when it got closer). Very sexy and unmistakably Italian, but it sounded horrible—exactly like a 20-year-old Civic with a ridiculous rice-boy fart pipe exhaust on it, frankly. A little research reveals that it was on purpose. Fiat-Chrysler, what an awful idea and potential image-killer as you’re trying to establish a new one for Alfa Romeo in the United States.
  • Most popular passwords on 123456, password, 12345, qwerty, and 12345678. Brilliance at every turn in these people.
  • Had dinner at The Original Public House this week. It was good, but it’s a little close in there for a fat guy. Hopefully the in-progress expansion will help.
  • Football is a scant week away. I’ve been busy enough that, while it hasn’t really snuck up on me, I’ve not been particularly impatient for its arrival. Definitely looking forward to it, though!
  • My older son shall soon march under the lights for the first time! Some of the best times of my childhood were in marching band. I’m pleased he’s engaged.
  • You know that Queen song “I Want To Break Free”? It doesn’t quite fit how I’m feeling because I don’t feel particularly chained. But I’m carefully considering that I haven’t been asking myself very challenging questions lately. I might be babbling, or this might be the start of a sea change. I haven’t figured that out yet. Stay tuned.

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  3 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #346”

  1. I’m going to have to start doing these kind of posts. I like the format and randomness. I don’t want to copy your Thursday Miscellanea # though. Any other ideas I could use? And what is a Sea Change?

    • Carol, I like these posts for little thoughts I have that don’t reach critical mass on their own. Sized between a tweet and a post. 🙂 Just think of a cute name for a collection of disparate items. Tie it into your brand, even. Moxie Minis?

      A sea change is a large, significant shift.

  2. Oh, I like Moxie Minis!

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