Jul 302015
  • I’ll be substantially participating in Huntsville Restaurant Week, and I’m looking forward to it. Stay tuned for details!
  • Our boys’ last week of freedom wanes. Lea’s enjoyed the time spent with them and is lamenting its imminent end. That’s got to be a big win when they’re 13 and 11, doesn’t it?
  • Fire Phone a week in: still a win. I like this hardware. If it’ll meet a need of yours, pull the trigger. Oh, and I never drop my phone, but I dropped this one seven feet directly onto a rock last weekend at the lake. It’s operationally unscathed, and I’d have to point the cosmetic damage out to you very carefully. (And we’d need full sunlight, or close to it.)
  • The new Saxon album is called Battering Ram, and it’ll be out this fall. If the last five albums are any indication, and I suspect they are, it’ll be great.
  • If you’re desperate to get me a present, I’d point you toward the Orient Mako USA. I like the blue dial model best, thought I’d take any color. A diver with a respected movement and sapphire crystal at that price is a slam-dunk. Thanks in advance.
  • I’m considering catching the new Terminator movie over a long lunch. Neither of the boys has any positive expectation about it whatsoever. Ergo, no need to make an event of it.
  • Alabama plays five weeks from the day after tomorrow.

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  2 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #342”

  1. I’m wanting to see Terminator also but hubby has little interest. What’s up with these people?

    • Right? There hasn’t been a Terminator movie that wasn’t worth the big-screen experience. I don’t expect this one to break rank.

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