Jul 092015
  • Well, I missed Wayward Pines on TV last week, I think because I wasn’t on Twitter! Fortunately, the episodes post to the web site the next day. Episode 8 of 10 tonight.
  • I added a random post widget on the left sidebar. It has no restrictions, category or otherwise. It could call up anything I’ve ever posted. Haven’t decided whether I’m keeping it, but for now I’m enjoying it.
  • Folks, dig: a tic is a persistent, recurrent behavior. A tick is a parasitic arachnid.
  • I have never had chocolate ice cream anywhere, at any price, that I liked more than Publix Premium.
  • I doubt the jackass in that red Cadillac CTS left me even a foot when he cut in front of me at about 90 mph Monday morning. Might be time for a car camera, like my friend Tom has. He’s given me the lowdown on them. I’d be delighted to find entertaining ways to publicly ridicule such people. Would love to have video of this, for example.
  • Pandora kept punching up Cake songs for me last week, and I kept liking them. So I picked up a couple of albums. Hey, if it was cool 20 years ago, I’m all over it.
  • I made Craving Beans for our Independence Day meal, and they were a big hit. Aaron was ambivalent until I said “there are four cut-up hot dogs in this.” Aaron: “Now that’s a game-changer.” Heh.

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  2 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #339”

  1. I’ll throw my vote behind Publix Premium of any flavor. Those are some good ice creams.

  2. Here’s my first sample of a compilation I’m working on. It’s very much going to be a public shaming of people doing stupid stuff while driving. One of the fun parts is learning how to dub over the audio so that I can censor my not-so-family-friendly expressions that often come up. I actually did the audio swap on that video from my phone.

    So far this year, I’m averaging a new clip about every two or three days, so that might mean around 120 clips by the end of the year when I put them all together.

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