Jul 232015
  • The Wayward Pines finale is tonight. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been a big David Pilcher fan, but I wonder if he might be genuinely off the rails now.
  • I’ll post a few thoughts on Amazon.com’s Fire Phone tomorrow. (Big hint: I’m probably mostly pleased with it.)
  • Veteran Ed Carpenter and rookie Sage Karam had a difference of opinion on Saturday night about the way Karam was driving, and it’s become quite the kerfuffle. Karam is young, good-looking, talented, aggressive, and American, which is just the sort of shot in the arm IndyCar needs. Bring the attention. (And I hope the series can hang onto him.)
  • I already bragged on it once in my Rocket City Mom review, but let me say again: the guacamole at Las Trojas may be the best $6.79 you’ll ever spend in a restaurant.
  • Nathan is in band camp this week. I don’t understand how this can be. He was a kindergartener about, like, two years ago, right? Sheesh. His band director works the kids hard, which I definitely remember from being in band camp myself, but some things are different. For one thing, they do a lot of the outside work after sundown. For another, there is no rookie hazing of any kind. I’m of two minds on that. Might be a post in the near future.
  • I’m thinking I’ll review the Publix Greenwise organic salsa next, and then move on to other things. That’ll be four similar products, and a good summary post.
  • For the most part, I enjoy the current popular music my children choose for themselves. My dad and I had diverged significantly by the time I was their age. Better music today? Am I cooler than he was? Are the boys gravitating to stuff that sounds like the stuff from my childhood that I played for them? Probably a piece of truth in each of those questions.
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Jul 212015

I know bunches of people who have cheated on their spouses. You do too. You know how I know that? Because bunches of people have cheated on their spouses.

I’m not a big fan of marital infidelity. You don’t have to have been reading BoWilliams.com long to know that. Most cheating stories are bad, though if there are less bad and more bad ones, surely the deliberate act of registering yourself at a dating site specifically intended for budding adulterers falls toward the more bad. Intent? Premeditation? Check. Check.

(That seems a fair distance from a single drunken uh-oh to me. You?)

It seems the lovely people at AshleyMadison.com are back in the news. I last talked about them about a year ago, when I began receiving an inordinate amount of junk email from them (or on their behalf). This time, guess what? Hackers claim they have all of AshleyMadison.com’s customer records, and unless the web site is shut down, they’ll release them. They say they have “profiles with all the customers’ secret sexual fantasies and matching credit card transactions, real names and addresses, and employee documents and emails.”

AshleyMadison.com claims 37 million members.

Now it seems to me that turning them all loose at once would be incredibly chaotic. If the perpetrators only want great seats for the bloodbath, then that would be a good thought.

Let’s say AshleyMadison.com is padding its number a bit and there are really 30 million members. Feels reasonable to put half in the United States, so let’s do that too. (It’s probably more, but go with me.) So that would be 15 million American members. Now some significant number of those are unmarried people looking for married companionship—gray area, but technically not cheaters. Let’s be very generous and say there are 5 million of those.

So that gets us to 10 million married Americans who belong to AshleyMadison.com. There are about 115 million married adults in the United States.

Can you imagine nearly 9% of the married United States being outed as cheaters simultaneously?

Now if the hackers instead chose to be patient and methodical, the opportunities for blackmail here are essentially limitless. Bad guys have devised all sorts of ways to communicate and transfer money anonymously. With 10 million records to go through, you wouldn’t need much of a success rate to knock down several hundred dollars a day, would you? Maybe even thousands?

I can’t muster a lot of pity for AshleyMadison.com customers. Wow, can you imagine the gigantic pit in the stomach upon being a site user and first encountering the story yesterday?

But what are we talking about, but the systematically dishonest taking advantage of the systematically dishonest? If this isn’t textbook schadenfreude, I don’t know what is.

(I better not gloat too much. After all, there is my AshleyMadison.com customer record for me to worry about.)

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Jul 182015

fms1The Fresh Market isn’t convenient to my house, but I’m down there enough to swing by occasionally. Recently I picked up a $2.99 jar of The Fresh Market Hot Salsa for a review.

Interestingly, this salsa is not organic, as the Earth Fare and Sprouts offerings are. I checked and double-checked the shelves to make sure I wasn’t missing a store-brand organic offering. I’m confident my local Fresh Market didn’t stock any such salsa when I looked.

So what do we have? Ingredients: Tomatoes, onions, cilantro, habanero peppers, garlic, salt, and lime juice.

This is an intriguing composition indeed. Cilantro ahead of peppers? Also interesting is that habaneros carry the entire chile pepper load here. Most salsas support with jalapenos, and many even contain bell pepper.

I tried a spoonful of it straight, and then ate a goodly amount of the jar with Tostitos Scoops. As might be expected, inside a customary tomato and onion scaffolding the cilantro hits hard, with garlic following closely. There are enough habaneros here to impart significant flavor as well as heat, and they begin making their presence known too.

(Funny thing about habaneros, and maybe even all Capiscum chinense cultivars: they build slowly, but relentlessly. People get in trouble with habaneros because by the time it actually feels like a problem, it’s too late.) Indeed, the heat here is no problem for a chilehead, but there is definitely some there. This is accurately labeled as hot.

The salsa seems to be made nearly entirely of vegetable chunks, though small ones, with readily apparent cilantro pieces. It clings reasonably well to a chip. It’s not a particularly appealing color; maybe a little paler than you might like?


The Fresh Market Hot Salsa is an unusual product. Cilantro is a common herb to flavor salsa, but it’s strong enough here to be a good piece of the gustatory road to pico de gallo sauce. The effect is not unpleasant, but it makes it a bit of an outlier for some applications. I like it, but it could be polarizing. You probably wouldn’t want to have it as your only offering when serving chips and salsa.


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Jul 172015

Please stop now. Walk away.

I know he’s saying some things that need to be said. That is not enough reason to pay him any attention. His unseriousness in such matters is demonstrable and longstanding. Mr. Trump is mostly interested in Mr. Trump.

Did you know he hasn’t filed a statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission?

Did you know he hasn’t hired any campaign staff to speak of?

Donald Trump is a boob. He’s a rich boob, but a boob nonetheless.

Stop acting like he’s really running for president.

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Jul 162015
  • I stayed away from Amazon.com’s Prime Day yesterday, mostly because the car insurance is due. Heh. Here are some interesting facts about it.
  • Somehow I missed the news that Rick Ducommun died. He was one of the second wave of all of those great comics of the ’80s, and quite a funny fellow. RIP.
  • Hampton Cove resident Ken Mackenzie has turned the silly fight his homeowner association picked with him into a pledge drive for a Kenya relief fund. Way to escalate it productively, sir! This story is a perfect embodiment of why I can’t stand HOAs.
  • Had dinner at the temporary location of the Yellowhammer beer garden last night with Tommy and Carol. It was a highly pleasant place to be, and I’ll go back. Certainly is easy to drive by it if you don’t know exactly where it is, though. Look for Huntsville Radio Service on Clinton. Yellowhammer is right next door.
  • The penultimate Wayward Pines airs tonight. I certainly have enjoyed it. I like something billing itself as a “10-episode event.” DVR it, start it 20 minutes late, and I don’t even have to watch commercials. I’ve enjoyed the companion web series Gone, too.
  • IndyCar is at Iowa Saturday night. What a fun track! Looking forward to it.
  • The average forecast high temperature for the next seven days is 99.1º.
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