May 282015
  • I missed Texas this week because of a longtime friend’s going-away. I’ll have to make up for that.
  • We’re replacing Lea’s car this year. That means I’m in touch with a dear old friend, classmate, and colleague. That means I’m hanging out at Jerry Damson Honda shootin’ it. And I find out a fellow who gave me, in 1993, a crash course in human relations that I still use daily is still down there turning the crank. Great to see you, Buddy! God bless!
  • Related, for deep insiders: dug the Blues Brothers’ “Soul Man” on the way home one night this week. Play it, Steve!
  • Steve‘s still around. We lost Duck a few years back. RIP. It was, indeed, a band that could turn goat piss into gasoline.
  • The Indy 500 kicks off a great several weeks for the IndyCar Series. We have a double-header in Detroit this weekend, and Texas the weekend following. Back to Fontana at the end of June. I love this sport.
  • If you’re a hardcore vegetarian, you probably ought to look into what carmine is.
  • Ever wondered whether the Hells Angels have a FAQ? They do. (Spoiler: the missing apostrophe isn’t really missing.)

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