May 072015
  • The Patriots cheated. Film at freakin’ eleven.
  • Even given my decidedly narrow tastes, there are some embarrassing holes in my cultural mosaic. I’m filling this one right now on Netflix. Actually, it’s probably good I’m watching it only now. I was 19 when it was in first run and almost certainly incapable of appreciating it fully. (It will surprise no one who knows me that I’m digging it.)
  • My dad’s brother is a highly accomplished executive who (somewhat defiantly) carries a ten-year-old flip phone. After a couple of outings with him, I see how he gets away with that. He’s all the time getting other people in the group to look things up.
  • Speaking of such, my Fire Phone has been only a curiosity in my desk drawer since I got it, but really, I think it’s pretty nifty. I usually smile when I pick it up. I intend to prep it for daily carry this weekend, and do so next week. Watch for my thoughts.
  • Postponed bifocals at least another year by worsening the prescription for my left contact. If your eye doctor wants to talk to you about one contact for close vision and one contact for far, listen to him/her. And give yourself an honest day or two to adjust to it. It’s weird at first, but it settles in marvelously. Your brain will take what you’re giving it and make it work.
  • Mom would never spend the money for me for a Trapper Keeper. They’re still around, more or less, but now they’re $10, not $5.
  • Bob McGrath has played Bob Johnson on Sesame Street continuously since it premiered in 1969. As I type, he is 82 years old and has been married to his wife for 57 years. Everything I just typed blows me away. Funny how your definition of “hero” evolves, isn’t it? Thank you, sir.
  • Regular readers have noticed—I know, because both of you have told me—that my post frequency is down. I have a lot of balls in the air right now, and unfortunately, is one of the ones I have to drop first when such becomes necessary. I’m sorry. I’m working it out. Thank you so much for reading.

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  7 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #331”

  1. 1. LOVED Twin Peaks – the first season was magnificent, lost interest in the few episodes and feature that came after.

    2. My digital life drops off dramatically when difficulties arise in real life, thus the suffering of our book club, huh?

    • 1. Some of it is exactly what I thought it would be. Other of it surprises me. (Of course, that encapsulates just about every David Lynch experience I’ve ever had.)

      2. All good. Let me know when and we shall proceed with vigor.

  2. Ohh man… I loved my trapper keeper. I’ll say, the designs they have available today don’t do the legacy justice. I rocked this bitchin’ design back in the day. Lemme tell ya, I had girls chasing me on the play ground every day…

    • Man, those are some crazy graphics. I think it was still photos of normal stuff when I was in school. (‘Course, we’re talking about more than a decade of difference, aren’t we?)

  3. As a Saints fan, I’m watching closely how Goodell handles the Brady situation. There’s no way his punishment should be less than Payton’s. Even if Payton had knowledge of the bounties, they in no way gave N.O. a competitive advantage (unlike deflated balls). Have a feeling I’m about to be incensed by this “punishment”.

    • My take is hey, Belichick’s watch. You don’t get to say you didn’t know about it. You’re the man, so you’re responsible.

      • Precisely. Payton was suspended for a full season because “he should have known”. Shouldn’t Belichick and Brady get the same? Or worse?

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