May 102015

Since last year’s Independence Day weekend mishap, I’ve grilled with charcoal a few times.


The verdict is in. I’m getting another gas grill.

I understand the appeal of charcoal, but a gas grill’s advantages are just too numerous. I like that it’s ready to cook on in 10 minutes instead of 30 (or longer). I like that I can easily and reliably adjust the temperature. I like that it’s a dependable cooking method in the event of a long-term power outage. (Actually made pancakes and spaghetti with it during the April 2011 storms aftermath.)

To me, wood/charcoal is really unambiguously better only for low-and-slow smoking and barbecue, neither of which I do much of anyway. I have a half-day method for ribs on a gas grill that I like 90% as much as natural. I don’t ever do any real, day-long smoking, nor have I any interest in starting. I’m content to purchase such already prepared, the few times per year I have it.

So, I vote propane. Call me a heathen.

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  2 Responses to “I am a grilling heathen”

  1. Sometimes you have to just go with what works best. We love to do fondue and I’ve always been a huge proponent of using sterno as my heat source. Mainly because that what we did growing up and I’m sentimental about it. However, last time we did it I used an electric pot and I’m never going back. So much easier.

  2. I have an electric smoker that is great if I want to do ribs or something…but we OD’d a couple of summers ago on smoked stuff so it’s been awhile since I dragged it out of the garage.
    A gas grill is great for ease of use and a quick ready time…I’m perfectly content with it.

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