Apr 032015

…too easy. Really, I almost didn’t notice. If I go with straight denial of something again next year, it’s going to have to be radical, like a vegan diet.

Only two times I genuinely wanted a beer. One time was reviewing Las Trojas. The other was at the air show. The desires were ignored fairly easily, and then forgotten. But they were definitely there for a bit.

Red meat? Well, there’s Texas Chili Tuesday I’m looking forward to at Anaheim Chili, as well as the special hot chili I froze two and a half weeks ago. And, I’d have liked a little more latitude at the aforementioned Las Trojas. Again, though, all mild tugs.

I need to remember how little I genuinely missed either of these things, and reintroduce them at appropriately moderate levels. There’s a spiritual component to that takeaway, I suppose, though not really of the intended sort.

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  2 Responses to “Giving up red meat and alcohol for Lent was…”

  1. I thought you had already given up alcohol, before.

    • Carol, I did, but the intent was always to resume at a more moderate pace not so destructive to my waistline. That’s back where I am again. We’ll see.

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