Mar 262015
  • It’s finally IndyCar race week!
  • Thanks to my friend Paul for planting the intermittent fasting seed in my head. I’m giving it a go with one of the simpler regimens: I get all of my calories for a day within an eight-hour window. In my case, that’s shaking out to be 11:30 to 7:30. Essentially, I’m skipping breakfast and not eating anything at night. Yes, the former seems counterintuitive, but check out that link. Sounds promising. I’ll share if I learn anything interesting.
  • Couple that with two young ladies at work, Fitbitted as I am, pushing me to get my steps. They have a lot less work to do than I do, but we’re all walking together and doing good things for each others’ motivation levels.
  • Our Sprouts just opened. I’d like to check it out. Reckon a month is sufficient for new-place crowd dispersal?
  • Did you know that Orville Redenbacher had a heart attack in his hot tub, and that’s how he died at 88 in 1995? Not a happy story, of course, but I like considering that one of his very last thoughts was “well, think I’ll have a soak.”
  • I’m kicking around a biography post series, with a quirky vibe. Kind of people nearly everyone knows of but knows hardly anything about. Kind of like…Orville Redenbacher. Still mulling.
  • As of now we’ll get another freeze Saturday night, though slight and short.

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